Who Is Amelie?

Hello, everyone. Amelie’s here.

Back in 2011, I was fashion lover, wanted to be fashionable girl, just like any other teenager. Two years later, I found myself jump into HOPA world. I discover lots of things on HOPA, Time Management and Young Adult as well.

{OOTW February} Hectic But Fun (3)


I recently in love with Within Temptation. I have lots of anime crush but the only one I really love is Superintendent Akechi Kengo.


Just for info, I’m diagnosed as introvert by doctor on 2015 and I’m not proud of it because it mean I’m socially awkward, even at same time it explain my shyness and awkward feeling towards people. I can’t start proper conversation but when I feel comfortable, I’ll be the most sarcatic person you ever meet (based on my friend’s experience).

My ex bf said I’m genius in language field. So far I can speak Indonesian and English, and understand little bit Japanese. I also can read hangul.

If you want to chat about games or anime, you can find me on:

Twitter: @MissAmelie15

Instagram: missamelie15