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{New Walktrough} Be A Bridal Designer in Fabulous: Angela’s Wedding Disaster

Say ‘Yes’ to the dress and prevent the big day from turning into a big disaster! Help Angela plan the perfect wedding while avoiding disastrous setbacks. If she’s not careful, a wedding fiesta could turn into a wedding fiasco! Design hot bridal fashion while keeping a cool head. Think you can handle the commitment?

Fabulous 4 - Angela's Wedding Disaster Ep. 1 - Miss Amelie


Developer : GameHouse

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Deadpool 2: Family Story For Adults

Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (aka. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling mutant, Cable.

Deadpool 2

Prepare yourself. This one doesn’t give a minute to take breath.

Two years ago, I wasn’t able to enjoy the movie because I don’t understand the references and too much F word. But this year, I wanna watch the sequel because after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, I think I deserve something to cheer me up and I know Deadpool 2 will be the perfect moodbooster.

Although it’s has same comedy-action storyline, but compared with first movie, Deadpool 2 doesn’t give mercy. From one jokes to another, Deadpool 2 hit so many pop culture references and since it released after Avengers: Infinity War, fans Marvel will understand several jokes that related with Avengers. Also, Deadpool 2 seems throwing some shade to Logan for having same rating (R-rated).

If Deadpool first movie was about love story, then the second movie is about family. But of course, it’s not cheesy family-friendship story, to me it’s more like parody. And because it has R-rated, Deadpool seems won’t miss any chance to be sarcastic or throwing some shade to Marvel‘s biggest rival, DC Comics. I hope no one sue him for saying those lines.

And because this movie is R-rated, please don’t bring kids. When I watched it, there was a girl who bring two kids, sit next to me and whenever the movie shows kiss scene or bloody-fighting scene, she will cover the kids’s eyes and she’s very noisy when she do that. By noisy I mean, she keep saying ” O-ow, no, no you can’t see it,” while I’m trying to focus on what the character said. I don’t mind if she’s laugh too loud because all of audiences laughing as well, but she didn’t laugh, just keep repeating the same lines and when I laugh, she stares at me. I stared back to her. Um, miss, I laugh because it was funny, and other people are laugh too, so why you feel annoyed?

Ok. Enough for rant. I just don’t like when people bring kids to watch R-rated movie.

Anyway, the movie is really perfect to lift the mood after devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War. And Ashes is definitely be my new favorite soundtrack.

PS: Ashes is OST. song that sings by Celine Dion

PPS: In case you don’t know, here’s some link:


PPPS: Dopinder’s line ” I want some more ” is remind me with Animal cover song

PPPPS: Here’s the link, thank me later:


Release date                  : May 15, 2018 (Indonesia)
Director                          : David Leitch
Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, Genre Films, The Donners’ Company

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Scrambled by Lintankleen: Let’s Form Band!

After moving school, Filan decided to make a band at his new school. There’s Visi, Filan’s cousin, the quiet Axel, the popular but mysterious Valent, and Hosea, the senior.

This is the beginning of the Scrambled band!


FYI, this is Indonesian comic made by Lintankleen

The premise offered by the comic is actually classic, and can be found in any medium, but the plot execution and character development that makes Scrambled an interesting and entertaining read. The use of four-strip comic strip format on each page is also a factor Scrambled should be a favorite comic especially for high school teenage lovers.

The first scene opens with Filan waking up from a dream. Hmm, very cliche’, isn’t it? But in the next scene, Lintan was cleverly inserted sitcom-style humor so that the next scenes are very intriguing. The dialogue is a bit formal (especially on the use of the word ‘aku-kamu’), but it doesn’t eliminate the humor.

The story  in Scrambled is focused on forming a band. There is no drama whatsoever. Hosea-Visi interaction (it can be said this romantic element in Scrambled) adds humor to this comic, especially when Hosea throws those punny humor.

The comic strip format makes it feels different and very easy to read. This formats also allows the artists to mixing the humor more easier. This method is also effective to create some punchline.

This comic is perfect for you who want to nostalgic high school. Oh yes, it is also suitable for you who love punny humor (like me, haha: D).


For Indonesia version, click here

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Scheduled Suicide Days by Akiyoshi Rikako: Being Detective with Ghost in 7 Days

Ruri believes her stepmother has killed her father.
Unable to live with her stepmother, Ruri is determined to commit suicide.
Ruri eventually went to the famous village as a place of suicide, but she met with the ghost of a young man who stopped her. The ghost promises to help Ruri find evidence hidden by his stepmother. He also promise will let Ruri take her life a week later if the evidence is not found.
That’s Ruri’s suicide schedule: one week, start from that day.


If you are J-Lit lovers, you probably already read Akiyoshi-sensei’s work.  At first I bought this because there’s so many reviewers said that Akiyoshi-sensei’s stories is good and full of twists.

The book consist 7 chapters that each chapter uses the term day in fengshui, made me think that the author had done lot of research. Although I kinda felt little bit annoyed with main character, Ruri, who often negative-thinking, but her fengshui knowledge and its application in cooking made me interested to open the next page. This part makes me instantly like Akiyoshi-sensei. I had a hard time finding a writer who actually did research before writing. Most simply rely on the quotable and lovable description words. That’s why I’m glad that I’m finally discover Akiyoshi-sensei’s works.

Akiyoshi-sensei is great on hiding ‘twist’ in her works. When you read it for first time, it will be surprising for you, and you probably feels deceived. But actually, Akiyoshi-sensei already spread some ‘clues’. These clue are like a scattered puzzle piece. At first, I’m pretty much sure I’m guessed it right about what will happen at the end, judging from conversation and narrative. But, no, I was wrong! And when I re-read it, I realized that there was an awkward part. The clumsiness is the clue!

Ruri’s story is more like investigation story. The writing style and Ruri’s childlike perspective make this story more suitable for teenage readers. For mystery fans, may be disappointed, but it never hurts to try ^^


For Indonesia version, click here

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Kelas Dua di St. Clare by Enid Blyton: New Class, New Student, New Atmosphere!

The first term of the second form turns out to be an eventful one, with new girls Gladys and Mirabel revealing unsuspected talents for acting and music, while Elsie, the form’s unpopular Head Girl, learns to be less spiteful.


The new semester has arrived. Pat and Isabel and their friends went up to second grade. This time the problem came not only from new students, but also the old one. These students are students who are not passed to third grade.

Just like the previous books, the Second Class book at St. Clare discusses adolescent-style problems without the spice of romance, filled with feminism spirit and storyline

The main conflict in this book centers on Mirabel-Gladys (new disciple) and Elsie (the old disciple). Like all the story of St. Clare in general, every character gets their respective settlements and for this book, everything ends happily for all the characters compared to the previous two books.

Enid Blyton successfully brought a fascinating story without adding a love drama. She also successfully present each character by describing the character’s behavior and favorite. Another thingI just realized after reading three books is Enid Blyton focusing on dialogue, not on descriptive narratives. This is what I love from Enid Blyton. She write her character’s behavior through dialogue between two characters.

The favorite part of this book?

Midnight party!

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Musim Panas di St. Clare by Enid Blyton: Five New Students, Five Personality

Twins Pat and Isabel are disappointed when they have to miss the first week of the new term. But they soon settle down again, and the summer term brings all sorts of excitement and several new girls, some of whom are less popular than others.


Like the previous book, Summer in St. Clare tells the life of the private school students. Each conflict flows naturally, less drama and no romance conflict, like the previous one. You can feel the feminism spirit in every sentences you read.

Unlike the previous books, the stories written in this third book focus more on the five new students. Pat, Isabel, Janet, Hillary, Allison and Doris felt like extra characters. It can even be said that this book is talk about the conflict between Carlotta & Bobby vs. Prudence.

Although this book has many characters, Enid Blyton successfully separating their personality. Each character stands on its own, with its own advantages and disadvantages. Each character has its trademark. The characteristic is often described by their behavior and atittude. There’s several pages describe their physical characteristics but it’s more like additional descriptions. It seems Enid Blyton wants the reader to focus on the character’s behavior development, not the character’s appearance.

In final chapter, the first graders got the announcement that they would go up to second grade. But, there are some who will not show up again in the next semester.


For Indonesia version, click here

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{GAME REVIEW} Immortal Love: Black Lotus

The joyous eve of your wedding is interrupted when your fiancé receives a mysterious black lotus and falls ill! While she rapidly ages, it’s up to you to find the flower’s sender and save her before it’s too late. Do you have what it takes to stop history from repeating itself and save an entire village?



The Story:

My favorite paranormal romance game is back! Something sinister is lurking around village, and honestly, I was expecting some kind of Bluebeard vibes in the plot twist, but what I got is more surprising. Good job, 4 Friends Games! You really got me in this one.

Everything in Immortal Love always happens in the name of love, even in villain’s part. They’re driven by love, too, but they took the wrong direction. This what makes Immortal Love’s storyline never feel boring. Yes, it has similar premise like other HOPA games: saving the loved ones, but 4 Friends Games take it to another level. They introduce us the love based on lust, based on pure heart etc. There’s so many form of love, and that’s what we get in Immortal Love.


The Visual Production:

Did I ever talk about why I never play games such as Grimm Tales, PuppetShow or Haunted Legends? Well, mostly because they have horror atmosphere in the visual presentation. But strangely, even Immortal Love often display similar color palette and creepy background, I don’t feel scared at all. Instead, it captures my heart.

Every single area in Immortal Love is perfection, beautiful and the music, oh man, I once despise their signature music but now I love it. It made me emotional as well.


The Gameplay:

This probably the only flaw I will complain from all aspect in the game. The HOS is pretty standard, as well as puzzle. Nothing special in adventure, too. I wish they will upgrade it on the next game because Immortal Love is my favorite game (mostly because it’s paranormal romance, my favorite genre).



Immortal Love: Black Lotus successfully delivers gorgeous visual and briliant storyline, but they still need to improve the gameplay to make it perfect.


Release Date  : March 28, 2018

Developer       : 4 Friends Games