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{GAMES REVIEW} Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath

You’ve been hired by a shadowy businessman to investigate the appearance of a pyramid in the Amazonian jungle. And by ‘appearance,’ he means the entire thing literally popped up out of the ground overnight! As a seasoned archaeologist, you know immediately that you’re in for a strange adventure. But nothing could’ve prepared you for what you find when you arrive – not only is this pyramid like nothing you’ve ever seen, but you’re now racing against your own sister for bragging rights to the find.

Wanderlust - What Lies Beneath

The Story:

For first time in my life, I got something more than ‘saving your loved ones’. It started as archeology investigation, then it become competition once you find out there’s another person arrived at same site, lastly, it become rescue mission when you realize the enemy is someone that had been missing for years.

The storyline of Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath is mixed archeology, fantasy, and science-fiction. These brand-new formula is something I need from HOPA industry. And Mad Head Games once again, was successfully delivers HOPA into the new level.

The Visual Production:

Mad Head Games did it again. The stunning and dreamy vibes create spectacular scenery and high-quality graphic. I really admire their voice-overs, and now they make it perfect with smooth animation. You know the annoying part in HOPA? It’s when the character standing like lifeless doll. Seeing they’re animated will make the whole scene looks lively. And that’s what Mad Head Games do.

The Gameplay:

Each HOS and puzzles are integrated with storyline. They even add new feature to help us finish mundane task. The feature is archeology kit that contains hatchet, brush and glyph book which is very helpful when we encounters runes. Although the puzzles are mostly easy and not require brain-work, but it still enjoyable.


Mad Head Games once again prove they’re on the top of HOPA industry. With their creative minds, we can safely say that Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath will be the next briliant HOPA series that you can’t missed


Developer       : Mad Head Games

Released Date: March 2, 2018


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{New Walktrough} Be A Bridal Designer in Fabulous: Angela’s Wedding Disaster

Say ‘Yes’ to the dress and prevent the big day from turning into a big disaster! Help Angela plan the perfect wedding while avoiding disastrous setbacks. If she’s not careful, a wedding fiesta could turn into a wedding fiasco! Design hot bridal fashion while keeping a cool head. Think you can handle the commitment?

Fabulous 4 - Angela's Wedding Disaster Ep. 1 - Miss Amelie


Developer : GameHouse

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{GAME REVIEW} Immortal Love: Black Lotus

The joyous eve of your wedding is interrupted when your fiancé receives a mysterious black lotus and falls ill! While she rapidly ages, it’s up to you to find the flower’s sender and save her before it’s too late. Do you have what it takes to stop history from repeating itself and save an entire village?



The Story:

My favorite paranormal romance game is back! Something sinister is lurking around village, and honestly, I was expecting some kind of Bluebeard vibes in the plot twist, but what I got is more surprising. Good job, 4 Friends Games! You really got me in this one.

Everything in Immortal Love always happens in the name of love, even in villain’s part. They’re driven by love, too, but they took the wrong direction. This what makes Immortal Love’s storyline never feel boring. Yes, it has similar premise like other HOPA games: saving the loved ones, but 4 Friends Games take it to another level. They introduce us the love based on lust, based on pure heart etc. There’s so many form of love, and that’s what we get in Immortal Love.


The Visual Production:

Did I ever talk about why I never play games such as Grimm Tales, PuppetShow or Haunted Legends? Well, mostly because they have horror atmosphere in the visual presentation. But strangely, even Immortal Love often display similar color palette and creepy background, I don’t feel scared at all. Instead, it captures my heart.

Every single area in Immortal Love is perfection, beautiful and the music, oh man, I once despise their signature music but now I love it. It made me emotional as well.


The Gameplay:

This probably the only flaw I will complain from all aspect in the game. The HOS is pretty standard, as well as puzzle. Nothing special in adventure, too. I wish they will upgrade it on the next game because Immortal Love is my favorite game (mostly because it’s paranormal romance, my favorite genre).



Immortal Love: Black Lotus successfully delivers gorgeous visual and briliant storyline, but they still need to improve the gameplay to make it perfect.


Release Date  : March 28, 2018

Developer       : 4 Friends Games

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{New Walkthrough} Lost in Dark side in Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side

Alice and her companions just blew up a dam and buried the army of the Darkness under thousands of tons of water. Victory was practically guaranteed. But the Dark Warrior survived, and created a hurricane so powerful that it nearly killed them all! Alice regains consciousness on the Dark Side of the Great Fissure, a place where nobody has been for decades. To make matters worse, the power of the burning flame has started to fade.

Travel with Alice through dark lands and deserted settlements into the heart of the Dark Side. Are you ready for a difficult, but thrilling journey? Find out in this wonderful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

Darkness and Flame - The Dark Side


Developer : Five-BN

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{New Walkthrough} Escape From Taleworld in Nevertales: Creator’s Spark

Mad Head Games presents the newest addition to the beloved Nevertales series!

After spending decades researching your father’s strange disappearance, your work finally pays off! But while you’ve managed to find a way into the magical world of Taleworld, finding a way for you both to safely escape is another story. In a dangerous and unfamiliar realm, will you be able to defeat an evil that wants to keep you there forever? Find out in this spell-binding hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Nevertales 7 - Creator's Sparks CE


Developer : Mad Head Games

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{GAME REVIEW} Witches’ Legacy: Rise Of The Ancients

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Ones defeated a demon that had conquered the world, but you were the only one that survived the battle. After centuries, you’re awakened from your eternal slumber to discover that Ezar is now attacking the world of the future. Team up with Jack and Anabel to stop Ezar and save the future, before the world is overrun by the dark creatures of the Other World!

Witches' Legacy - Rise Of The Ancients

The Story:
Continuing the event on previous game, Jack and Anabel try to awake Ancients One to help them fights Ezar. Seems a classic storyline here, where good fight evils. I personally think the way they presents story is great. There’s lots of action sequences, and also only few character appears which made us feel more involved.
The Gameplay:
There’s not much different from the previous game. As usual you can switch the HOS to Mahjong mode, also there’s bunch of puzzles, but there’s one newest feature that made me love the gameplay. In Rise Of The Ancients, you will get portable potion-mixing lab and magic spells which serves as mini-game. This addition create complex but enjoyable game session. I also love how simple the gameplay in newest Witches Legacy. Usually I need to going back and forth to earn one inventory by completing several HOS in different area, but this isn’t happened on Rise Of The Ancients.

The Visual:

I have to say, Rise Of The Ancients has darker atmosphere as if the world is ends. Compared the other good witch vs bad witch in previous Witches’ Legacy, Rise Of The Ancients takes it to another level. You can feel the intensity during cutscenes. I really love how they choose dark color to describe the whole event in Rise Of The Ancients. I barely see lights in here.


Although the storyline doesn’t feel fresh and the gameplay level are too low for HOPA veteran, but you can’t deny that Witches’ Legacy still has the best production in HOPA industry.

Release Date   : December, 2017

Developer        : EleFun Games