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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 6: More Space For More Reads

Remember when I said I need to re-organize my bookshelves?


And yeah, I finally did.

If you see, I used to organized my books horizontally. But after I watch Sasha Alsberg’s video, I try to stack it vertically.


See the difference? *wink wink*

So before it turns like this, I had hard time to decided on how I organize it. In the past, I used to organize it based on alphabet order. But now I’ll just go like this:



For the first shelf, I put all the books that I already read. I organize it based on whether I love and satisfied with the story or not, and based on which books that I will use for reference.



For the second shelf, I let this shelf half empty because I need space for new books. Also, I’ll use this shelf as to-be read shelf. That stacks, the one that already fill the shelf, will be the books that I read next month.



The third shelf I use for all of my mystery, detective and fantasy comics.




And the fourth shelf is for comics, too. But this one is kinda random and mix, but mostly the genre is romance and slice of life.


Wow, I can’t believe I done this. Seeing how you organize it before and after can make so much difference is something beyond me. I never thought I could have more space for more books. But that’s great! Because I finally able to shop more books now!

But, wait.

What kind of book I should buy?

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{JOURNAL} Motivate Myself To Organizing

It’s total random, honestly. I don’t know what’s been into me that I suddenly thinking about organizing my bookshelves and bedroom. But the major reason is probably because I see huge pile of clothes laying on my bed, and not only one pile, but five.

Yes, you read it, right. FIVE. HUGE. PILES. OF. CLOTHES.

That’s what happen when you’re keep procrastinating.

And same thing happen when I see my bookshelves and desk. Ugh, so messy.

But again, I procrastinate by watching Youtube video on phone because I just done couple of walkthrough video and thinking my laptop need some rest. Then I encounter Sasha Alsberg’s video about reading slump.

If you see my blogpost recently, you probably notice that I haven’t post anything that related with books. That’s because I’m in reading slump. I lost interest since I started work as quality control staff. I lost time to think what kind of story I want to read. So when I watch this video, suddenly I want to read again.

But then, I think, if I want to read, I need to re-organize my bookshelves. The problem is I don’t have more space. So I watch another video

This video giving me idea on how I organize my books. Then, what’s relation between organizing bookshelves with my five huge piles of clothes?

Well, it isn’t fair if I only organize the shelves. I need to clean up everything, actually. I have asthma, but I don’t create bigger space for breathing. I just keep piling these stuff in my room which is unhealthy. So I decided to organize everything.

Talk about reading slump, should I make 30 Days of Reading challenge to force myself read at least 50 pages per day?

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{JOURNAL} 31 Days Blogging

It’s been 3 days since I quit from my job, and I still on want-to-sleep-all-day phase. A week before I quit, I’d been work overtime from 9 AM to 9.30 PM. So, all I need now is sleep, sleep and sleep. I didn’t expected I would work so hard a week before, so all schedule I already made is officially ruined.

Around two weeks before, I think that was when world got shaken by Chester’s suicide news, I made decision to create self-therapy method for myself by blogging everyday. So everyday on August, I will post highlight of my day. The goal is to remind myself about happiest moment, even the smallest, in my life. You probably know, depression cause your brain remembering only negative memory and make you think you’re worthless, you don’t have purpose in your life, you’re a burden etc. That’s why I decide to write every happy moment and share it to the world.

This 31 Days of Blogging only available on in Bahasa Indonesia.

It may exhausting by looking at how much I need to write, but I will try to find a way that not exhaust me too much. Maybe I will make a schedule or planning it, because I’m not only post on blog, but on Instagram as well.

Considering I’m jobless at the moment, the content may look boring and dull. I assume it will happen after 1-2 week, because I don’t have a plan to go out more until I get a new job. But ofcourse, let’s what will happen on the future.

FYI, I also made new Instagram account for books and games only. The upload order will be 2 pics of games related, 2 pics of books related and 1 or 2 pics of food related.

Wait, why there’s food pic too?

Well, because I love food, and sometime those pic mess up my personal feed (well, honestly, my personal IG feed is already messy LOL)

And on future, I may launch another account for my drawing and pictures because recently I’ve been gain interest in comic-drawing and photography. Maybe around September, I think? Because I need to learn how to draw and take picture properly.

Okay, I think that’s all for today. This is very long post, but I hope it’s worth to read. Next probably I will explain why I decide to launch more than 1 account.

Alright, guys, see you on next post.

Bye! ^^




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Diary Of Brunette, Indonesian Version of Shining Jewels

Lately, I’ve been working on my other blog. It has similar concept with Shining Jewels, but with different language. In Diary of Brunette, I’ll be more focus on fashion, beauty and health topic. Unlike Shining Jewels, I’ll not talk about games in there. I already create another place for that, at Wattpad.

So, if you’re Indonesian and you’re have interest with fashion and beauty, go check out:

Don’t forget to comment and share what you love!



Miss Amelie

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 4: 5 Songs I Shouldn’t Listen

Each person has different trigger. For depressed people, a small things can blow their mind, causing them fall into depression hole for few days. To me, the small thing that able trigger my depression is song. My therapist warn me to not listen the song that will raise negative thoughts and sad emotions.

But I can’t do it.

There’s times I accidentally click the play button and will freeze for 3 minutes whenever I listen it. It’s like a sharp knife stab my heart and bleed slowly. I can’t move as flashback runs in my head. At that time, I really someone to snap or hug me before I fall into depression again.

What kind of song will trigger my depression?

Here’s the list:

1. Please – Jang Jae In (OST. Athena)


2. Mistake – Girls’ Generation


3. Time Machine – Girls’ Generation


4. Auditory Hallucination – Jang Jae In (OST. Kill Me Heal Me)


5. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 3: 5 Things I Wish I Could Do Every Weekend

Working from Monday to Saturday, sometimes Sunday, can be stressful. Mind will be full with work, no time for socializing, even for family. No me time, of course. Only work,work,work.

After transferred to another divison last year, I’m no longer have time for myself. I even don’t have time to have dinner with my father.

I work from Monday-Saturday, 09:00 AM until 06:00 PM, but most of time I work overtime. 12 hours at office. Sometime my boss want us to work on Sunday.

I know, it’s crazy.

When I was 18, I got my first part-time job. I went to college from Monday to Friday, then I worked on Saturday for 6 hours and Sunday was time for dance practice. It seems perfect schedule for me. Weekend should be for fun, entertaining day. You don’t have to spend lots of time shopping or travelling, having one relaxing day at home is enough. At least you keep yourself away from stress.

There’s time, I really, really wish I could do everything I want on weekend. But there’s 5 top things I wanna do, if I have time:

1. Play Game 

Keeper of Antiques - The Imaginary World

I think this one is obvious. I have more than 10 games (some of them are for youtube walkthrough) waiting me. Seriously. 1 game need 5-6 hour. Should I skip sleep, then?


2. Workout

Cassey, I miss you. I miss the 30 minutes watching your videos while I exercise. Seriously, after this, I need to get back on track.


3. Writing and Reading

Isn’t it obvious when you working too much, 6-7 days in a week, more than 8 hours, it will blocking your creative brain?

God, I miss my weekend-session writing. I miss going crazy with plot and read book that will inspire. Nowadays, I hardly have strength to do that.


4. Facial mask treatment


Because I work too much, I don’t have time to take care myself. No wonder acne starts appear on my face.

5. Eating out


One thing I love to do if I have time is eating out. I love sitting by myself, enjoying the meal while writing a journal. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. Not for now.

This isn’t first time I complaining like this, like an idiot, like a weak person. Perhaps, I get influenced by depression again? Am I become mentally exhausted?

Now I starting thinking about my job.

If I keep thinking and wish like this or that, should I….quit?

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{JOURNAL} Trip To Lombok: 5 Days Escape From Reality

A month ago, my father asked me to joined him in his reunion trip. At first, I hesitated to say yes but my father convinced me that I need vacation (working at boutique exhaust me, physically and mentally). In the end, I joined my father and sister went to Lombok.

Day 01

We were lucky got first flight in the morning. We arrived at Lombok around 8 and had breakfast at airport.


Two hours later, Dad’s friend pick us up and we went to hotel. We met lots of another Dad’s friends as well. To be honest, I didn’t expect there’s going to be 20 people in this trip, considering that most of Dad’s friends are not younger anymore. But although they’re old, their spirit are young.

Anyway, we decided to went to Tanjung Aan beach.


I have no word for this. It’s too beautiful.



Then we took a boat to the next destination, Batu Payung Beach.




That’s me, with my Dad. (^^)

We took lots of photos in both site, also enjoyed the water and sand. Oh, we also find a swing ^^


Please don’t mind my face XDD

After enjoyed play around Tanjung Aan Beach, we walk little bit to Selong Belanak Beach.


I’m speechless. What word that would be fit for this beauty?

The sun was gone, time for dinner.

Dad’s friends took us to a restaurant named “Sate Rembiga”. They’re served Sate Rembiga and Spicy Duck (Bebek Pedas) for our dinner.



If you’re spicy food lover, you’ll love it, but since I’m sweet tooth, I kinda dislike it. I couldn’t ate more than two. Really. Too hot for my taste.


Day 02

It’s second day! Not much place we went to, but the fun part of this day was we were went to Gili Trawangan! ^^

But, before that, we went to Kuta Mandalika Beach for morning walk.




After breakfast, we took a car and went to Desa Sade (Sade village). They’re known for their “kidnapping” tradition. The “kidnapping” tradition is where a guy kidnap a girl whom they love as proposal to the girl’s parents. In 3 days, the girl’s parents should agree and give their blessing.


Unfortunately, we don’t had much time to explored the village because it almost Jumu’ah time. I hope I can go back and learn more about this unique village and its tradition.

From Sade to Lombok Islamic Center. Because it’s Friday, most of men are do Jumu’ah  while women do Dzhuhur pray as usual. But something funny happened. When I was arrived at women’s section, some of guys said, ” Come, come! Today is special day! Today’s khatib is Tuan Guru Bajang!”

I was wondered who is Tuan Guru Bajang when I noticed most of women around me didn’t stand and do Dzhuhur. Instead, they sat and heard the khutbah. I was like, ” Aren’t we supposed to pray now?”

I sat, waited the adzan, but the adzan time already passed, so I confused. When the khutbah done, all women stand and do Jumu’ah. I was shocked. I never know women are allowed to do Jumu’ah. But I followed them, although my mind being completely blank.

But you know what, the most surprising thing that I heard after pray was about Tuan Guru Bajang. Turns out, he’s the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat.


After shocking event, I, along with all tour member, went to harbour. We took speed boat to went to Gili Trawangan. It was amazing experience. At first, it felt scary but after few minutes, I start enjoy it.

We spend the rest of night with tasty dinner and some jokes. Seriously, these people aren’t as old as their pyshical. They’re really crack me up!


Dad, you’re so lucky having friends like that.


Bytheway, I’d been ate lot of seafood in here. I forgot what kind of fish was, but it’s delicious!

Day 03

It’s 3rd day, and we’re prepared for snorkeling! I was waited this day, only to find out I got period! (-_________________-)

Well, to cheer myself up, I took morning walk around beach.


Now, it’s time for snorkeling!




After snorkelling, we packed our stuff and back to Lombok. Our next destination is Taman Narmada (Narmada Garden)


The guide said this was a place where King and Queen rest.


Also, there’s Telaga Ajeng. replica of Segara Anakan




But I think the most anticipated one was this:


There’s sacred water source that will make a person become eternally young. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enter since I’m on period. Hmph.


Well, at least we could take a photo.

Next stop: Sate Bulayak


I forgot to asked my Dad what’s difference between Sate Rembiga and Sate Bulayak. Both of them are spicy, tho. (-_-) But hey, this time, I managed to ate all of it! Yeeeyyy!!!

Oh, and of course, we took another photo.



Day 04

It’s last day of our trip. My Dad’s friend took us to Sembalun. It’s near Mount Rinjani.



We didn’t hike too far because most of Dad’s friends are tired (I guess they finally reach their limit), so we just hike few meters and took photo.



But my favorite part of this day was learned how to weave


They said, if a girl have been mastered the weave technique, it means she’s ready to be married ( O_O)

Day 05

Time to go home! Kinda sad because I feel like there’s lots of place I have to visit. I also feel sad because the next day I have to go back to reality >.<

Our flight was around 1 PM, so we took time for brunch.


Then, we back to Bekasi.


5 days isn’t enough for visit all gorgeous places in Lombok, but it’s enough for short getaway and relaxation. I ever heard someone said that travelling will help you recover from stress and depression. I wasn’t believed it, because not everyone have that kind of luxury and money to travel whenever they want. But this trip did help me ease my mind. It sound hypocrite for me, but maybe, maybe for once in a while, we need time for ourselves.

Some people doing it by travelling a lot, but others may find peace at home and do hobbie.

So what’s yours? How do you spend time for relaxing?