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{FASHION} September Outfit Choice: The Graduation

Today’s post will be shorter than the previous outfit choice for the month of September because I just start new job. At first, I wanted to capture the pics of the outfit that I wore on the first days of work, but I couldn’t because I have to go for work early.

So sorry if I only post two outfit today.




When              : September 03, 2016

Top                 : Bought by my mother. I forgot where she bought it.

Outwear         : Borobudur Dept. Store

Bottom           : Details black skirt and unbranded black legging

Shoes              : Ardilles blue navy sneakers




When              : September 06, 2016

Dress              : My sister’s. Fun fact, this is my sister’s graduation dress.


Shoes              : Tomkins black sneaker wedges (yes, I wore sneaker, not heels LOL)

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{FASHION} August Outfit Choice: Prepare For Big Day

August is very hectic month. After getting Graduation Letter at July, I start preparing for graduation ceremony. Not only that, one of my neighbours are getting married!

Lots of good things is happen recently, and I can’t describe how happy I am when I heard she will be married. We’ve been knowing each other since we’re kids and I consider her as my big sister. ^^

Anyway, let’s take a look what outfit I wear on August.



When              : August 20, 2016

T-shirt            : Bought by my sister when she went to Bandung

Outwear         : Borobudur Dept. Store

Bottom           : Nevada Jeans

Shoes              : DIY Painted Shoes



When              : August 24, 2016

T-shirt            : Borobudur Dept. Store

Outwear         : LOGO Denim shirt

[I forgot to take picture of my jeans and shoes! >.<]





When              : August 28, 2016

Top                  : Batik from Yogya (I forgot where I bought this .-.)

Skirt                : Details black skirt

Bottom           : Unbranded legging

Sandal            : Carvil





When              : August 28, 2016

Shirt                : Unbranded black glittery tanktop

Outwear         : Details green blazer

Skirt                : Details black skirt

Bottom           : Unbranded black legging

Shoes              : Nevada black heels


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{FASHION} July’s Outfit Choice 2016: Month After Exam


Miss Amelie here trying to revive monthly outfit, and hopefully everyone likes it!^^)/

What I Wear:

July Outfit Choice (1)

When              : July 06, 2016

Top                  : Borobudur Dept. Store

Bottom            : LOGO Jeans

Footwear         : Carvil


July Outfit Choice (2)

When              : July 10, 2016

T-shirt             : Dad’s t-shirt (he said the size are too small for him :p)

Outwear          : Unbranded denim shirt

Bottom            : LOGO Jeans

Footwear         : Ardilles



July Outfit Choice (3)

When              : July 15, 2016

Top                  : Shingeki No Kyojin hoodie T-shirt from MyHobbyTown

Outwear          : Tailored vest

Bottom            : LOGO Jeans

Footwear         : Ardilles


July Outfit Choice (4)

When              : July 27, 2016

Top                  : My sister’s grey hoodie

Outwear          : Ramayana Dept. Store

Bottom            : LOGO Jeans

Footwear         : Ardilles


Most favorite fashion item of the month: LOGO Jeans and Ardilles 

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{OOTW February} Hectic But Fun

This month is the busiest month in my college life. My morning and night routine has been change since I start teaching practice. Because it’s really hectic, I didn’t post too often. Just few games review.

Monday, February 16th 2015

This is when we asked to help teachers at training school. We had to take pics all the exam progress. I don’t take pics too much because I was too busy running from one class to another class.

{OOTW February} Hectic But Fun (2)


I wore my sister’s blue blouse, blue long skirt (I forgot to take pics) and black loafer shoes.

{OOTW February} Hectic But Fun (1)

With my friends ^^
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{OOTW January} New Chapter

Finally, we’re in the end of January! So many things happen this month as I prepared for next project.

Like last month, I pick random date that I think it’s really fun to share. Let’s start with Monday.

Monday, January 19th 2015

This is the day when I took internship exam. I didn’t capture the shoes detail because I’m in hurry. Luckily, I have one pics of my outfit on that day.

{OOTW January} New Chapter! (1)

I wore floral-printed shirt that I got from my sister and black jeans from Ramayana Dept. Store. For shoes, I wore my DIY Rebel Shoes.

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{OOTW December} Counting Down

So finally we’re in the end of the year!

At this month I have lot of fun as I finished my internship today. It’s really sad because I already love this job.

Anyway, for this month, I pick random date to show you what outfit that I wore and sneak peek to what I do on that day. Last month I chose date 17 till 23, now I just pick the day that I had so much fun.

Let’s start with Tuesday.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

If you saw my Instagram post, you probably saw two pics of Doraemon. On that day, I was attend Grand Launching Doraemon 100 Secret Gadget Expo at Ancol Beach City.



I was scream when Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Giant dance on the stage! They’re so cute!

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Behind The Scene: Cover Dance

Hi, everyone!

I’m so excited to announce this, but I guess some of you already know by seeing on my Instagram.


Yes, yes, I’m totally excited because I’ve been hiatus from dance activity since 2 years ago. And on 14 December, I’m finally got chance to perform! Again! YEAAAAHHH!!!!







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