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Heartbreak Formula by Mpur Chan: Formula To Heal The Broken Heart

This afternoon at 6:45 on Harry’s 18th birthday, I jump into a car to kill myself.
Harry … the man I trust and always there for me, has changed since we entered high school.
He is no longer around me, even when I’m at the lowest point of my life.
“I think I have an answer for your problem,” Doctor Cornell said, lowering his voice. “My research team is experimenting with a formula to make people forget the bad things from their past. It’s Olvidelo Formula,”
A new door seemed to open before me.
The formula may be the answer. The thing is, I do not know if that formula will save me … or not



This novel is written by Indonesia writer, Mpur Chan.

First time I know this book is from my sister, because she’s Mpur Chan’s junior when she studying Korean Language in Bandung. Attracted by the sci-fi theme presented in the blurb, I decided to join pre-order. When it arrived, I was excited to read.

“After my first suicide attempt, whenever I felt my burden was too heavy and it seemed unbearable, my mind could not be separated from death.”

To be honest, reading this book is hard. Not because of the story, nor the character, but how the author describes the state of each character. Maybe because I suffer from depression and have trauma with teaching activities, there are several times I have to close this book. There are few pages that triggered a panic attack, but luckily I was able to calm down and finish it.

The plot itself is very simple. From beginning to end the author focuses on Summer’s journey as one of the experimental subjects. There is no conflict of interest, something that very common in sci-fi genre stories.

Although the story is simple for sci-fi genre, the Heartbreak Formula is perfect to read when you feel sad, or you can read it as a reminder that there is hope to recover from mental illness.


For Indonesia version, click here



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