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{GAMES REVIEW} Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath

You’ve been hired by a shadowy businessman to investigate the appearance of a pyramid in the Amazonian jungle. And by ‘appearance,’ he means the entire thing literally popped up out of the ground overnight! As a seasoned archaeologist, you know immediately that you’re in for a strange adventure. But nothing could’ve prepared you for what you find when you arrive – not only is this pyramid like nothing you’ve ever seen, but you’re now racing against your own sister for bragging rights to the find.

Wanderlust - What Lies Beneath

The Story:

For first time in my life, I got something more than ‘saving your loved ones’. It started as archeology investigation, then it become competition once you find out there’s another person arrived at same site, lastly, it become rescue mission when you realize the enemy is someone that had been missing for years.

The storyline of Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath is mixed archeology, fantasy, and science-fiction. These brand-new formula is something I need from HOPA industry. And Mad Head Games once again, was successfully delivers HOPA into the new level.

The Visual Production:

Mad Head Games did it again. The stunning and dreamy vibes create spectacular scenery and high-quality graphic. I really admire their voice-overs, and now they make it perfect with smooth animation. You know the annoying part in HOPA? It’s when the character standing like lifeless doll. Seeing they’re animated will make the whole scene looks lively. And that’s what Mad Head Games do.

The Gameplay:

Each HOS and puzzles are integrated with storyline. They even add new feature to help us finish mundane task. The feature is archeology kit that contains hatchet, brush and glyph book which is very helpful when we encounters runes. Although the puzzles are mostly easy and not require brain-work, but it still enjoyable.


Mad Head Games once again prove they’re on the top of HOPA industry. With their creative minds, we can safely say that Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath will be the next briliant HOPA series that you can’t missed


Developer       : Mad Head Games

Released Date: March 2, 2018




A casual gamer who likes detective mystery, gothic horror, paranormal romance, steampunk, dystopian, and fairy tales re-telling, has an interest in Japanese and Korean culture, and love listen to nightcore and R'n'B music. Recently I love experimenting with lipstick. The only competition TV Show that I watch is MasterChef, although sometimes I enjoys survival show like Produce 48.

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