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Holy Mother by Akiyoshi Rikako: Mother’s Sacrifice

There was a boy murdered in the town where Honami lived. The victim was even raped after being killed.

The news made Honami worry about her only daughter. The police can not even believe it.

What will she do to protect her only daughter?


Holy Mother could be the only book that can make the reader cursing. At least one word, especially when the reader reaches the ending. Same thing happen to me.

At the beginning, readers are introduced to a mother with her little daughter and her struggle to bear a child at her not-so-young age a.k.a 40 years old. Every detail takes us into a protective figure of Honami. Just read one chapter, I feel like I was there, watching Honami’s life with my own eyes.

The plot is kinda remind me with Criminal Minds series. In the series, the audience is first shown the culprit and made the audience wondering how the police arrested him. The most important thing is why the culprit do that and what his motive is.

Because of that, I feel comfortable reading Holy Mother. Every time I watch the series, I always think, “Why can he be so cruel? Is he traumatized? “, Because by knowing their background, at least I understand what makes them so cruel. When I found out the real reason for the offender in this book, I spontaneously shouted,


Whops. Sorry for my French.

The plot twist in this book deceive my eyes. I mean, that’s not something big. It may even be visible from the dialogue, the description of the body language, but it turns out … Oh..I was a fool-_-)

And lately I realized why it happen. -_____-)

Compared to Akiyoshi-sensei’s earlier work, this book exceeds my expectations. In fact it feels more sadistic than Girls in The Dark.


For Indonesia version, click here



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