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Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me) : The Love Story Of Fujoshi

Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi, a female manga and anime geek who loves reading yaoi (boys love) material and imagining men together in romantic relationships, both fictional and real. When one of her favorite anime characters is killed off, Kae is so shocked that she locks herself in her room for a whole week. When she eventually comes out, she discovers that she has lost a lot of weight. She becomes a beautiful girl that catches the eye of four boys at her school: Yūsuke Igarashi, Nozomu Nanashima, Hayato Shinomiya, and Asuma Mutsumi. Despite learning about Kae’s bizarre tendencies, the four boys, along with another fujoshi girl named Shima Nishina, all fall for Kae and begin competing with each other for her affection, much to Kae’s frustration as she wants them to get along with each other.

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (1)

*please note this review is only based on anime version*
To any hardcore fangirl, this story is very relatable. All that struggle with shipping, attending event etc, you can find in this hilarious anime. The only illogical scene is losing weight after crying over favorite character’s death. Yes we might cry sometimes after seeing terrible sad scenes but it doesn’t made us losing weight. It kinda extreme, actually.
Aside from that illogical scene, I do find this anime is funny,especially episode 3. I play few titles of otome game, and I do admit that I dreamed to be in that situation. But seeing from Kae’s perspective, I kinda agree it can be stressful.
Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (2)
Kae is one of best female lead in reverse harem history. She might inexperience with love stuff, but her personality is great, no matter how she looks. In the first episode, we can see her kindness towards her classmates and junior, although the junior is little bit rude with her, but she forgive him. Also in the sixth episode, we could see another example why Kae is beautiful inside and outside.
For another character, like Nanashima and Shinomiya, I can see why most of viewers didn’t like them. They both jerk when Kae is still fat, then suddenly like her when she lose weight. While Mutsumi and Nishina had like Kae since she’s fat, I’m more into Igarashi. He’s being nice to her since beginning, although it’s not romantically, but in the process, he later learn that no matter how she look like, she still the same Kae. And after he realize it, he become genuinely loves her. I love when character can grow up to be better person, that’s why I’m shipping IgarashixKae (most of viewers tend to like Mutsumi).
This anime is great entertainment for all hardcore fangirl. If you are a fujoshi, you’ll love all  that guyxguy interaction. Or if you’re tired watching dumb bland female lead in reverse harem, you have to watch this, and see one of best female lead in reverse harem history.
Author           : Junko
Studio            : Brain’s Base
Release Date: October 6, 2016 – December 22, 2016


A casual gamer who likes detective mystery, gothic horror, paranormal romance, steampunk, dystopian, and fairy tales re-telling, has an interest in Japanese and Korean culture, and love listen to nightcore and R'n'B music. Recently I love experimenting with lipstick. The only competition TV Show that I watch is MasterChef, although sometimes I enjoys survival show like Produce 48.

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