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Dark City: London, Best Detective-Theme Games Ever!

London is about to celebrate the opening of the world’s largest clock tower, until a headless ghost appears, threatening to destroy London and murder hundreds at the opening ceremony. Investigate the dark alleys and gather clues to hunt down the killer and unlock the deadly secrets hidden inside the clock tower. Can you save London?



I have to say, I’m not really happy with the premise but the moment I enters the MC’s mind, I’m overjoy. This games will made you act as if you’re Hercule Poirot. You’re not just collecting clues and intervewing random people, but you have your own deduction board to create temporary hypothesis. I love how 4Friends made this game as if we’re really involve with story. This is why I dislike cliche’ but can love in the process because in every cliche, everyone has different perspective on how to develop it.

I just little bit disappointed with the choice of ending, because I expected it will give big impact, but not. Even in the bonus chapter, there’s only slight different response. Anyway, for some reason, the way the developer gives two options, questioning the suspect’s action is remind me with Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express. In other games, the detective seems have no mercy. We know it’s all about revenge, but we sometimes didn’t see it in bigger picture.

Visual Production:

What a sophisticated visual. I love every cutscenes, the way 4Friends delivers the backstory throughout ink and papers which is new to the developers who usually made fantasy games. Seems like they’re use the hand-drawing and painting style for all cutscenes. It’s like fresh air from 4Friends. So different from Living Legends or Immortal Love, even Edge of Reality. I also love how they choose voice actor, especially for the protagonist. It give life into all characters, and doesn’t sound like robots.


There’s no random puzzle or HOS. Everything is making story move forward. For example, the scene when protagonist interogate snitcher, we play HOS to collect evidence from him. I really like the new concept in this game. You don’t feel like got dragged by, but everything has purpose. Even all clues that we collect has meaning. Each clues we found, would be presented on Evidence Board, then we sorted it. The Evidence Board may not new feature in HOPA, because I already see it on Enigmatis, but this one is more traditional and really fits with 20th century setting.


4Friends Games definitely brings detective theme in HOPA genre to the new level. If they keep this up, they might be become the best series among other detective game out there.

Release Date      : December 1, 2017
Developer           : 4 Friends Games




A casual gamer who likes detective mystery, gothic horror, paranormal romance, steampunk, dystopian, and fairy tales re-telling, has an interest in Japanese and Korean culture, and love listen to nightcore and R'n'B music. Recently I love experimenting with lipstick. The only competition TV Show that I watch is MasterChef, although sometimes I enjoys survival show like Produce 48.

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