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{JOURNAL} Motivate Myself To Organizing

It’s total random, honestly. I don’t know what’s been into me that I suddenly thinking about organizing my bookshelves and bedroom. But the major reason is probably because I see huge pile of clothes laying on my bed, and not only one pile, but five.

Yes, you read it, right. FIVE. HUGE. PILES. OF. CLOTHES.

That’s what happen when you’re keep procrastinating.

And same thing happen when I see my bookshelves and desk. Ugh, so messy.

But again, I procrastinate by watching Youtube video on phone because I just done couple of walkthrough video and thinking my laptop need some rest. Then I encounter Sasha Alsberg’s video about reading slump.

If you see my blogpost recently, you probably notice that I haven’t post anything that related with books. That’s because I’m in reading slump. I lost interest since I started work as quality control staff. I lost time to think what kind of story I want to read. So when I watch this video, suddenly I want to read again.

But then, I think, if I want to read, I need to re-organize my bookshelves. The problem is I don’t have more space. So I watch another video

This video giving me idea on how I organize my books. Then, what’s relation between organizing bookshelves with my five huge piles of clothes?

Well, it isn’t fair if I only organize the shelves. I need to clean up everything, actually. I have asthma, but I don’t create bigger space for breathing. I just keep piling these stuff in my room which is unhealthy. So I decided to organize everything.

Talk about reading slump, should I make 30 Days of Reading challenge to force myself read at least 50 pages per day?