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{JOURNAL} 31 Days Blogging

It’s been 3 days since I quit from my job, and I still on want-to-sleep-all-day phase. A week before I quit, I’d been work overtime from 9 AM to 9.30 PM. So, all I need now is sleep, sleep and sleep. I didn’t expected I would work so hard a week before, so all schedule I already made is officially ruined.

Around two weeks before, I think that was when world got shaken by Chester’s suicide news, I made decision to create self-therapy method for myself by blogging everyday. So everyday on August, I will post highlight of my day. The goal is to remind myself about happiest moment, even the smallest, in my life. You probably know, depression cause your brain remembering only negative memory and make you think you’re worthless, you don’t have purpose in your life, you’re a burden etc. That’s why I decide to write every happy moment and share it to the world.

This 31 Days of Blogging only available on in Bahasa Indonesia.

It may exhausting by looking at how much I need to write, but I will try to find a way that not exhaust me too much. Maybe I will make a schedule or planning it, because I’m not only post on blog, but on Instagram as well.

Considering I’m jobless at the moment, the content may look boring and dull. I assume it will happen after 1-2 week, because I don’t have a plan to go out more until I get a new job. But ofcourse, let’s what will happen on the future.

FYI, I also made new Instagram account for books and games only. The upload order will be 2 pics of games related, 2 pics of books related and 1 or 2 pics of food related.

Wait, why there’s food pic too?

Well, because I love food, and sometime those pic mess up my personal feed (well, honestly, my personal IG feed is already messy LOL)

And on future, I may launch another account for my drawing and pictures because recently I’ve been gain interest in comic-drawing and photography. Maybe around September, I think? Because I need to learn how to draw and take picture properly.

Okay, I think that’s all for today. This is very long post, but I hope it’s worth to read. Next probably I will explain why I decide to launch more than 1 account.

Alright, guys, see you on next post.

Bye! ^^