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{GAMES} Maggie’s Movie: Camera, Action!

Maggie has always loved the movies and longs to be a film director. But when she gets her big break as the assistant director on Waves of Love, a new film from Sure Shot Pictures, the producer keeps getting in the way of her dream. Susan won’t pay the hard-working crew for overtime, and they’re threatening to strike! Even worse, Susan blames Maggie for the crew’s unhappiness, so she must find a way to keep them on the set without compromising her values. And when the studio owner’s son arrives on set, Maggie needs to convince him that she can bring everything together on time and budget – or she’ll lose her job!

Maggie has always been hard-working, honest and humble, but this environment is making it difficult for her to stay true to herself. Can she keep the show running, stay out of the Hollywood drama and follow her dream all the way to the director’s chair?


So, this time, we are play as Maggie, another workinghard girl who try to follow her dream to be successful movie director. Well, there’s nothing wrong with a character has trait like working hard and kind, but sometime, I feel like these character are same person. But as the game progress, I found Maggie little bit insecure and sometime she can be doubtful with her decision.

The storytelling in Delicious and its spin-offs is something that made me fall in love. It’s like the core of all games. It’s not Delicious universe if we didn’t get heartwarming, funny and witty story. Each level show us some conflict and the solution. And sometime the gameplay will get influenced by the story plot.

Maggie's Movie, Camera and Action (1)

Talk about gameplay, I love that the developer put more thought, because we’re not only working around movie set, but also cinema as well. Each set deliver different task. For example, in movie set, we mostly get task to prepare movie setup, while in cinema, we selling movie tickets.

The game consist 60 level of main story  and 18 challenge level. If you purchase Collector’s Edition, you will get additional 12 level of bonus chapter and 3 challenge level.

I see Game House keep expanding their theme, and I’m so excited to try all of them! But, there’s question pop up on my mind. Will we get tired with the Delicious universe?

Developer      : Gamehouse & World-Loom

Release Date : March 22, 2017

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 6: More Space For More Reads

Remember when I said I need to re-organize my bookshelves?


And yeah, I finally did.

If you see, I used to organized my books horizontally. But after I watch Sasha Alsberg’s video, I try to stack it vertically.


See the difference? *wink wink*

So before it turns like this, I had hard time to decided on how I organize it. In the past, I used to organize it based on alphabet order. But now I’ll just go like this:



For the first shelf, I put all the books that I already read. I organize it based on whether I love and satisfied with the story or not, and based on which books that I will use for reference.



For the second shelf, I let this shelf half empty because I need space for new books. Also, I’ll use this shelf as to-be read shelf. That stacks, the one that already fill the shelf, will be the books that I read next month.



The third shelf I use for all of my mystery, detective and fantasy comics.




And the fourth shelf is for comics, too. But this one is kinda random and mix, but mostly the genre is romance and slice of life.


Wow, I can’t believe I done this. Seeing how you organize it before and after can make so much difference is something beyond me. I never thought I could have more space for more books. But that’s great! Because I finally able to shop more books now!

But, wait.

What kind of book I should buy?

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{JOURNAL} Motivate Myself To Organizing

It’s total random, honestly. I don’t know what’s been into me that I suddenly thinking about organizing my bookshelves and bedroom. But the major reason is probably because I see huge pile of clothes laying on my bed, and not only one pile, but five.

Yes, you read it, right. FIVE. HUGE. PILES. OF. CLOTHES.

That’s what happen when you’re keep procrastinating.

And same thing happen when I see my bookshelves and desk. Ugh, so messy.

But again, I procrastinate by watching Youtube video on phone because I just done couple of walkthrough video and thinking my laptop need some rest. Then I encounter Sasha Alsberg’s video about reading slump.

If you see my blogpost recently, you probably notice that I haven’t post anything that related with books. That’s because I’m in reading slump. I lost interest since I started work as quality control staff. I lost time to think what kind of story I want to read. So when I watch this video, suddenly I want to read again.

But then, I think, if I want to read, I need to re-organize my bookshelves. The problem is I don’t have more space. So I watch another video

This video giving me idea on how I organize my books. Then, what’s relation between organizing bookshelves with my five huge piles of clothes?

Well, it isn’t fair if I only organize the shelves. I need to clean up everything, actually. I have asthma, but I don’t create bigger space for breathing. I just keep piling these stuff in my room which is unhealthy. So I decided to organize everything.

Talk about reading slump, should I make 30 Days of Reading challenge to force myself read at least 50 pages per day?

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{GAMES} Lost Lands: The Wanderer

For years, the sailors and pirates of the Lost Lands have been talking about a ghostly ship sailing in the heart of a storm. This vision disappears as soon as it comes to life. Rumors spread about the ship’s captain, a huge octopus that travels with the ship, a Yarl’s curse, and an evil sorceress!

Meanwhile, Susan finds a strange pirate chest with the compass of the worlds inside and a note begging for help. It’s time for her to return to the Lost Lands!


Still remember how harsh the comment I gave to Five-BN when I finished the third game. I was said the storyline kinda boring, although the graphic is impressive. Fortunately, on fourth game, they made some improvement.

From story wise aspect, it really nice seeing the additional character that helps Susan during her journey and I have to say, I miss Maaron! I love their collaboration fighting the evil, because once they unite, no one can stop them!

And their graphic presentation is never fail impress me. High quality animation and realistic style they use is so FIVE BN. I only disappointed with the backsound, because throughout the game, there’s no music. They need to improve in this aspect for next game.

From gameplay aspect, Lost Lands: The Wanderer delivers single type of HOS, which is silhouette HOS. Not that I complain because there’s no item list HOS, but it can be boring after few times. Luckily, it doesn’t feel boring at all.

Overall, the fourth installment is great addition to the series. I was worried they will lack of new story ideas, but it seems FIVE-BN broke my worries. So, kudos to the team.

Oh, and I just read there’s another Lost Lands game will release this year. Will they more entertaining than before?

Developer                   : FIVE-BN Games

Release Date              : October 26, 2016

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{JOURNAL} 31 Days Blogging

It’s been 3 days since I quit from my job, and I still on want-to-sleep-all-day phase. A week before I quit, I’d been work overtime from 9 AM to 9.30 PM. So, all I need now is sleep, sleep and sleep. I didn’t expected I would work so hard a week before, so all schedule I already made is officially ruined.

Around two weeks before, I think that was when world got shaken by Chester’s suicide news, I made decision to create self-therapy method for myself by blogging everyday. So everyday on August, I will post highlight of my day. The goal is to remind myself about happiest moment, even the smallest, in my life. You probably know, depression cause your brain remembering only negative memory and make you think you’re worthless, you don’t have purpose in your life, you’re a burden etc. That’s why I decide to write every happy moment and share it to the world.

This 31 Days of Blogging only available on in Bahasa Indonesia.

It may exhausting by looking at how much I need to write, but I will try to find a way that not exhaust me too much. Maybe I will make a schedule or planning it, because I’m not only post on blog, but on Instagram as well.

Considering I’m jobless at the moment, the content may look boring and dull. I assume it will happen after 1-2 week, because I don’t have a plan to go out more until I get a new job. But ofcourse, let’s what will happen on the future.

FYI, I also made new Instagram account for books and games only. The upload order will be 2 pics of games related, 2 pics of books related and 1 or 2 pics of food related.

Wait, why there’s food pic too?

Well, because I love food, and sometime those pic mess up my personal feed (well, honestly, my personal IG feed is already messy LOL)

And on future, I may launch another account for my drawing and pictures because recently I’ve been gain interest in comic-drawing and photography. Maybe around September, I think? Because I need to learn how to draw and take picture properly.

Okay, I think that’s all for today. This is very long post, but I hope it’s worth to read. Next probably I will explain why I decide to launch more than 1 account.

Alright, guys, see you on next post.

Bye! ^^