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{MOVIE} Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, The Journey Of Finding Magical Artefacts

Natsu and his friends travel to the island kingdom of Stella to find magical staff, Dragon Cry. When they meet Sonya, King Animus’s guardian, what kind of darkness that awaits them? Will they able to stop Zash from using Dragon Cry and save the world from destruction?

Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry

Surprisingly, the plot is extremely straightforward. So if you’re never watch Fairy Tail, you’ll able to follow the whole story. It’s just like another mission for Fairy Tail guild, they have to find something and stop the evil who want to steal it. Watching this movie is like watching filler episode, but with the longer duration.

Although there’s little space for character building, I enjoy it, especially the scene between Juvia and Gray. They’re my favorite couple (ehem) in Fairy Tail. Another funny scene that made this movie worth to watch is when Happy eat strange fruit which made him changing color. Lots of humor and anime references makes the movie more fun to watch.

Also, I noted there’s few things that usually appear in Shonen-genre. For example: little character building moments. I don’t know if these things is like ideal or standard for Shonen-movie, but these things sometimes bother me. I mean, nobody perfect. Sometimes character can be selfish until he/she get turning-point moments that will develop the personality/mature level. But this is anime. I know some fans will say, ” Chill out, this just fiction,” But I personally love when character have development in their personality. It made them relatable.

Oh, and don’t come out quickly from cinema. There’s aftercredit scene, so stay on your seat!

But there’s one question pop up in my mind. Will the next movie be the last mission for Fairy Tail?

Release date                : August 30, 2017 (Indonesia)
Director                        : Tatsuma Minamikawa
Production company: A-1 Pictures
Language                      : Japanese
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30 Days Of Gaming and Happy 100 Subs! ^^

First of all I want to say thank you for 100 subscribers on my Youtube channel. I’m surprised there are people like my videos, eventhough my video only contains games walkthrough. For that, I want to decide for this month, the theme of my blog is Games 🙂

I know I’m reviewing more games, but  this month I’m going to discuss more specific like progress game I’m playing or my favorite developer.

Because now I work freelance, I’ll have more time to play games and discuss it here ^^
But, it does not mean I only talk about games. Occasionally I’ll review movie (if there’s something I want to watch) and books.

Maybe in the future I will use another theme?

Who knows?

Just wait and see


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{MOVIE} War For The Planet Of The Apes: The Final Battle of Caesar

Disclaimer: I never watch the previous two film before. Please correct me if I’m making a mistake in this review

Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both of their species and the future of the planet.

War For The Planet Of The Apes

Since I had never seen two films before, I had little trouble understanding the beginning of the movie. At the beginning, we are presented with a military scene infiltrated into Caesar’s hideout. Among the human military soldiers, there’s one orangutan is involved. I’m confused, isn’t this war between apes and humans? Why are there monkeys in human troops? After several scenes, I finally concluded that the orangutan is a former subordinate of Caesar’s enemy in the previous movie.

Speaking of story plot, for people who prefer film with full of action scenes, you probably going to say like “what is this? The story is confusing!”. What is most likely to be highlighted is the appearance of a mute girl. I’m afraid that’s going to be the next Honest Trailer jokes material. Why? Because the girl’s appearance is not without cause. Listen to the dialog between Colonel and Caesar. From there, the scene like meeting with a deserter and his daughter, then the scenes where Caesar find the dead body , becomes clear. Colonel’s dialogue is the red thread of this film.

Overall, the War For Planet Of The Apes storyline is so touching. With the death scene of Caesar’s wife and son, we seem to be prepared for farewell. I don’t know if there will be a nothersequel. If we look at the ending, it seems impossible there will be a sequel of the story of Caesar and his colony. Like Wolverine who say goodbye in LOGAN, Caesar seems want to say that his job is done.

Release date : July 21, 2017 (Indonesia)
Director        : Matt Reeves


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{MOVIE} The Dark Tower Review: Another Adaptation of Stephen King’s Masterpiece

Disclaimer: I’ve never read The Dark Tower series before. The reviews are based on what I watch.

Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, is locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black. The Gunslinger must prevent the Man in Black from toppling the Dark Tower, the key that holds the universe together. With the fate of worlds at stake, two men collide in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

The Dark Tower

At the beginning of the film, we are presented with two sentences that explain a bit about the premise of the story. A tower stands in the middle of two worlds. It is said it can be destroyed with a child’s mind.

The scene changes, showing a group of children playing. Some adults watched while occasionally scratching their necks. The skin of their necks is peeling off. Then there’s a strange voice from the loudspeakers, followed by a sound that came from the bracelets worn by the children. Those, whose bracelet rang, walk toward the black building. There they sat in an odd chair connected to the machine. And as the adults activate the machine, an explosion of energy occurs and slips toward the tower. The scene ended, then we are introduced to Jake, the main character.

Based on what I read on the internet, this film only adapts some elements of one of the titles. The way the movie produced is exactly like Seventh Son, where producers and directors just take the main core of the whole story, then develop it. Perhaps for the fans of this series, the film adaptation seems to fail miserably. But for me who has never read his book, this movie is quite interesting.

The plot itself is a bit cliché, but I like the development. No long-winded, solid and full-packed with action scenes. The focus in the story is very clear: the last Gunslinger and psychic child fight the Man In Black.

Roland’s character is very well played by Idris Elba. So does Jake’s character. Although there are some dialogs that sounds stiff, but Tom Taylor, who play as Jake, was able to bring emotions into his performance.

Some critics argue that the film is failed, clichés, mediocre etc. Some even complains about the duration for a film that adapted from the work of renowned authors such as Stephen King. Another article also mentions that for the process of the film itself takes 10 years. So IMHO, it’s natural if some people concerns about the duration and content of the film being less interesting. Those effort after 10 years could be something more epic, considering this movie will be the opening for the TV version.

And I agree with the opinion that states Idris Elba’s acting is the biggest factor that saved this movie. His performance was most shining amongst other actors & actresses. I can see how his character grows become better person from his speech, body style and facial expressions. I think that the turning point for Roland’s character is when he and Jake discover the body of Lon and the ashes of Jake’s mother. From there, Roland’s ultimate goal changes, from just wanting revenge for his people to be the desire to save the Tower from destruction.

Overall, I enjoy this movie. There are several factors that I admit is making this film become failure, but on the other hand I’m happy because the story plot is focus and clear, without any hint of romance or sex. I can’t wait for the TV version, especially I want to see how far Tom Taylor, as newcomer in movie industry, will growing.

Director                         : Nikolaj Arcel
Production Company : MRC,  Imagine Entertainment and Weed Road
Distributed by              : Columbia Pictures
Release date                  : July 31, 2017 (Museum of Modern Art)
                                            August 4, 2017 (United States)

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{JOURNAL} The Tunnel Vision: How I Survive From Suicidal Thoughts

For those of you who read my last post, maybe you know what I wrote at that time. I’m suicidal. And I almost ended my own life. Luckily I was able to contacted my friend, a fellow survivor of mental illness (she suffers from social anxiety). I’m glad I spoke to her. I do not know what will happen if I do not try to contact anyone. After I talked to her, my condition gradually improved. And right now, I’m setting my priorities for what I have to do before the end of August.

Do you ever heard of Tunnel Vision? From what I’ve read, Tunnel Vision is a term used for someone who has suicidal tendencies. Like a tunnel, the person only sees light as a way out from tunnel. In my case, my tunnel vision, my way out from all these problem is having a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend means I will have someone who always supports me. But unfortunately, my relationship never runs smoothly. 3 times dating and all failed. And every time I broke up, I felt lonely, I felt the whole world hate me, I felt I’m not deserved to be loved.

My main problem is the lack of support from my closest person, such as family and friends. I do not know how many times I gave up because my parents stopped paying for my music course. I do not know how many times I gave up trying to go to dance school because of money issues. I felt hopeless. It become worse when my late mother said ” Why do you need support? You already strong”.

I was hope that I’m really strong.

Fortunately, my friend was able convince that I can survive. I can go through all these problems, without depending on other people. She said it doesn’t matter if I’m single. My happiness shouldn’t be depends on my relationship status. I don’t need a guy to make myself happy. And that time, I found my way out from my tunnel.

Yes, this is how I survive from suicidal thoughts. I set a goal and I see it as my way out from my tunnel a.k.a problem. I don’t know if I’m ready to be failed, but without a certain goal, I’ll keep thinking how worthless I am.

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On Hiatus

I’ll just say right away. At this point, I won’t censor myself about my current condition. I know not all people will understand, particularly those of people who know me personally.

I’m suicidal.

This is not a joke.

After this, I’ll take full break from my social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll only active on Youtube for gaming because it has been my safe heaven, my place to escape from pain, numb, and those flashback.

This is the only place I will be, for now. I’ll try to write if I get better, although I don’t know if I will be better or not.

Sorry for being drama.

Sorry for everything.

And sorry to anyone whose life got ruined because of me.


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{GAMES} Maggie’s Movie: Camera, Action!

Maggie has always loved the movies and longs to be a film director. But when she gets her big break as the assistant director on Waves of Love, a new film from Sure Shot Pictures, the producer keeps getting in the way of her dream. Susan won’t pay the hard-working crew for overtime, and they’re threatening to strike! Even worse, Susan blames Maggie for the crew’s unhappiness, so she must find a way to keep them on the set without compromising her values. And when the studio owner’s son arrives on set, Maggie needs to convince him that she can bring everything together on time and budget – or she’ll lose her job!

Maggie has always been hard-working, honest and humble, but this environment is making it difficult for her to stay true to herself. Can she keep the show running, stay out of the Hollywood drama and follow her dream all the way to the director’s chair?


So, this time, we are play as Maggie, another workinghard girl who try to follow her dream to be successful movie director. Well, there’s nothing wrong with a character has trait like working hard and kind, but sometime, I feel like these character are same person. But as the game progress, I found Maggie little bit insecure and sometime she can be doubtful with her decision.

The storytelling in Delicious and its spin-offs is something that made me fall in love. It’s like the core of all games. It’s not Delicious universe if we didn’t get heartwarming, funny and witty story. Each level show us some conflict and the solution. And sometime the gameplay will get influenced by the story plot.

Maggie's Movie, Camera and Action (1)

Talk about gameplay, I love that the developer put more thought, because we’re not only working around movie set, but also cinema as well. Each set deliver different task. For example, in movie set, we mostly get task to prepare movie setup, while in cinema, we selling movie tickets.

The game consist 60 level of main story  and 18 challenge level. If you purchase Collector’s Edition, you will get additional 12 level of bonus chapter and 3 challenge level.

I see Game House keep expanding their theme, and I’m so excited to try all of them! But, there’s question pop up on my mind. Will we get tired with the Delicious universe?

Developer      : Gamehouse & World-Loom

Release Date : March 22, 2017