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Diary Of Brunette, Indonesian Version of Shining Jewels

Lately, I’ve been working on my other blog. It has similar concept with Shining Jewels, but with different language. In Diary of Brunette, I’ll be more focus on fashion, beauty and health topic. Unlike Shining Jewels, I’ll not talk about games in there. I already create another place for that, at Wattpad.

So, if you’re Indonesian and you’re have interest with fashion and beauty, go check out:

Don’t forget to comment and share what you love!



Miss Amelie

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 4: 5 Songs I Shouldn’t Listen

Each person has different trigger. For depressed people, a small things can blow their mind, causing them fall into depression hole for few days. To me, the small thing that able trigger my depression is song. My therapist warn me to not listen the song that will raise negative thoughts and sad emotions.

But I can’t do it.

There’s times I accidentally click the play button and will freeze for 3 minutes whenever I listen it. It’s like a sharp knife stab my heart and bleed slowly. I can’t move as flashback runs in my head. At that time, I really someone to snap or hug me before I fall into depression again.

What kind of song will trigger my depression?

Here’s the list:

1. Please – Jang Jae In (OST. Athena)


2. Mistake – Girls’ Generation


3. Time Machine – Girls’ Generation


4. Auditory Hallucination – Jang Jae In (OST. Kill Me Heal Me)


5. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers

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{GAMES} The Keeper of Antiques: The Imaginary World

Someone has activated an artifact that takes people to a world filled with their wildest fantasies. When the Imaginary World starts taking over reality, it’s up to you to find and neutralize the artifact. Can you save the world in time?

Keeper of Antiques - The Imaginary World

I have to say, I become more and more love this series than Witches’ Legacy. With signature shades of color for visual, high quality graphics and cutscense, EleFun Games once again prove their skills and professionalism in HOPA industry.

Throughout the game, you’ll working by using Keeper’s device, which can be used to detect and neutralize artifacts. It’s cool addition into a gameplay that already entertaining. The hiddenobject didn’t feels repetitive and if you don’t feel like playing HOS, you can switch it to Mahjong. The puzzle also fun with medium level of challenge.

As much as I love the visual and gameplay, I wish they could add more twist or original ideas into their storyline. But overall, I enjoy the game and even want more from this series!


Developer                   : Elefun Games

Release Date              : January 28, 2017

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{GAMES} Adam Wolfe: Blood Eternity

Following his previous two cases, Adam begins to unravel a new mystery. This time, Adam comes to the aid of a painter that is besieged by a ghost. In his investigation, he learns more about the same cult and that it might be somehow connected to his missing sister. Through mortal danger, he reunites the painter with his departed wife but also attains a solid lead about his sister.
For the final case, Adam finds his sister, but also the leader of the cult which took her, leading to a confrontation. He narrowly avoids death and ends up in a strange world that seems to be completely morphed even though it resembles reality. Battling madness, he manages to find his way back to reality where he sees that he is about to get killed by the cultists and their powerful leader. Instead, his sister sacrifices time and Adam avoids danger but ends up trapped in a place outside of this world.

Adam Wolfe - Blood of Eternity

Is just me or the last two episode feels more intense than the previous two?

The storyline in Lady Painter and Zero Hour getting more tense, complex and thrilling. Wolfe’s goal become closer, and each step he takes, he get closer to the darkest side. I love how Mad Head Games write their story by connecting each chapter. It seems different cases, but everytime we complete it, we get a new clue.

Also, I love how Mad Head Games keep HOS in minimum. They focus on puzzle and adventure part, which is very challenging and entertaining. Mad Head Games, like their name, is really mad head. They put more effort into their puzzle since they didn’t work on HOS too much. Crafting puzzle are way more harder, IMO, because you have to think, “ Is this one suits the story?” and “Are we already create this in another game?”

I don’t think I need to say more about their graphic. Their visual is as amazing as their gameplay. We didn’t spent too much time by collecting inventory. It feels like we’re moving really, really fast.

Overall, I love this game. The open ending made me curious, where Adam will go after this? Will he just wait until his time over? Or there’s another adventure wait for him?


Developer                   : Mad Head Games

Release Date              : 2016

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{GAMES} Edge of Reality: Lethal Prediction

Deadly “accidents” are happening all over Universe City, but they’re occurring more frequently, making the citizens question who or what is really behind them. Are they murders or something darker? When your father becomes the latest victim, it’s up to you to figure out what is causing this phenomenon. Can you prevent more tragedies before it’s too late?

Edge of Reality - Lethal Prediction

At first, I thought we’re going to have good-fight-evil cliche’, but turns out, this game deliver something unique in their storyline. The evil wasn’t just pure evil that wants to destroy everything, instead it was a good wise person who become evil and wants revenge. 4 Friends Game know how to keep their player seat patiently while revealing the truth.


But unfortunately, there’s nothing special with gameplay. It’s just like another standard HOPA gameplay where you collect inventory by completing HOS and mini-game. The only unique feature is magical bracelet that will allow you to release your soul from body and interact with magical artifact. It also can show you the true form of evil energy.

Luckily they serves us graphic with stellar quality. The visual, music, art style and animation are gorgeous and outstanding. It even gone better than previous game of Edge of Reality. I also want to applause the actor behind voice over. It sound lively and real!

Although there’s minor flaw, I’m totally enjoy this game. The bonus chapter offer extra story that might be little bit flat compared with main chapter. But it’s really worth your time, especially if you try to find something fun, entertaining with fantasy touch.


Developer                   : 4 Friends Games

Release Date              : February 5, 2017

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 3: 5 Things I Wish I Could Do Every Weekend

Working from Monday to Saturday, sometimes Sunday, can be stressful. Mind will be full with work, no time for socializing, even for family. No me time, of course. Only work,work,work.

After transferred to another divison last year, I’m no longer have time for myself. I even don’t have time to have dinner with my father.

I work from Monday-Saturday, 09:00 AM until 06:00 PM, but most of time I work overtime. 12 hours at office. Sometime my boss want us to work on Sunday.

I know, it’s crazy.

When I was 18, I got my first part-time job. I went to college from Monday to Friday, then I worked on Saturday for 6 hours and Sunday was time for dance practice. It seems perfect schedule for me. Weekend should be for fun, entertaining day. You don’t have to spend lots of time shopping or travelling, having one relaxing day at home is enough. At least you keep yourself away from stress.

There’s time, I really, really wish I could do everything I want on weekend. But there’s 5 top things I wanna do, if I have time:

1. Play Game 

Keeper of Antiques - The Imaginary World

I think this one is obvious. I have more than 10 games (some of them are for youtube walkthrough) waiting me. Seriously. 1 game need 5-6 hour. Should I skip sleep, then?


2. Workout

Cassey, I miss you. I miss the 30 minutes watching your videos while I exercise. Seriously, after this, I need to get back on track.


3. Writing and Reading

Isn’t it obvious when you working too much, 6-7 days in a week, more than 8 hours, it will blocking your creative brain?

God, I miss my weekend-session writing. I miss going crazy with plot and read book that will inspire. Nowadays, I hardly have strength to do that.


4. Facial mask treatment


Because I work too much, I don’t have time to take care myself. No wonder acne starts appear on my face.

5. Eating out


One thing I love to do if I have time is eating out. I love sitting by myself, enjoying the meal while writing a journal. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. Not for now.

This isn’t first time I complaining like this, like an idiot, like a weak person. Perhaps, I get influenced by depression again? Am I become mentally exhausted?

Now I starting thinking about my job.

If I keep thinking and wish like this or that, should I….quit?