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{GAMES} Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure

Greetings, human! As you know, our world is in peril, and there is nothing more we elves can do. But there is hope! You are the one we have been waiting for, the Champion who will brave the dangerous forbidden zone to retrieve the legendary Nucleus. With it, we can save this world and cure all sickness – and yes, even heal your dying father! The path will be dangerous, and enemies will try to stop you at every turn. But we have faith that you will prevail. So go forth, over the rooftops and down into the ruins of the Old World.

Good luck, human. You will need it…

Dawn of Hope - Skyline Adventure

Mad Head Games never fail surprise me. When most developer stick to the mystery, detective, and kingdom theme, Mad Head step forward by exploring dystopian theme. Something that never done before in HOPA world.

I’ve been used seeing dystopian theme in novel and film, but this is the first time I see it in a game.

Dawn of Hope - Skyline Adventure (2)

They also never stop experimenting their gameplay. Although I already play this type of mini-game on Dark Realms, but the system is totally different!


Dawn of Hope - Skyline Adventure (3)

Everything in Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure is perfect. From visual to gameplay, from soundtrack to voiceover. Nothing feels so simple in this game. It’s challenging and fun.

Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure is the best game I ever play from Mad Head Games. It left me speechless with challenging puzzle, stellar quality of visual and interactive cutscenes.

For HOPA fans, you shouldn’t miss this one because they have everything you need. And I suggest you to get the Collector Edition.

Seriously, Mad Head Games, you’re totally mad.

Developer                   : Mad Head Games

Release Date              : October 6, 2016

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{GAMES} The Secret Order: The Buried Kingdom

Your childhood friend has called with some exciting news. She may have found the key to a lost city! What should be a joyous reunion takes a dark turn when she’s kidnapped by unknown assailants. Only you can save her! Do you have what it takes to discover the Buried Kingdom’s secrets?


After disappointed Beyond Time, Sunward Games finally heading to the right place, taking The Buried Kingdom into the top. While the plot isn’t something new in HOPA world, but the gameplay are way more innovative than before.

The visuals are getting better with detailed art and gorgeous pick of color. The soundtrack also great, combined it with lively voice over. But with the spectacular visuals, I found several puzzle are too easy. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the game, just a bit too easy.

As usual, everytime I encounter HOS in the Secret Order, I switch to Mahjong Mode. I found it more relaxing because the HOS can be hard and I don’t wanna waste a hint.

As much as I love their visuals, I still have hard to like their gameplay and plot. I wish if they have a plan to launch another game of The Secret Order, they need to improve more. Particularly, in the story aspect.

Release Date: 22 May 2016

Developer: Sunward Games

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{MOVIE} Logan: Goodbye, Wolverine

In the near future, a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His plan to hide from the outside world gets upended when he meets a young mutant (Dafne Keen) who is very much like him. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her.

Logan - Goodbye, Wolverine (1)

Disclaimer: I’m not big fan of any X-Men movies.

First of all, I’m so thankful saw they put R-rated for this movie. Because it full of violence, agony, blood, bit of nudity and tears. Don’t let your kids watch this just because it’s superhero movie. There’s kid actor, but she’s way more sadistic than the main actor. So please, don’t bring your kids or give your kids permission to watch this, unless they’re 17+.

For some people, the story may bit slow, but for me, who rarely watch action movie, the story goes really fast in their own pace. I mean, it doesn’t give me a time to breath. With all fight scene, it still get me emotional. I went from scared to laugh to scared again to overjoy to tears to relief to heartbreak. This is the first action movie that made my emotional goes like rollercoaster.

When most people praise Jackman for his amazing performance, I would like to give standing ovation to this young girl: Dafne Keen.

Logan (2017)

Directed by James Mangold

Shown: Dafne Keen

Although she had minimal dialogue, her acting was spectacular. Her eyes talks more than words. Her character can be annoying sometimes, but she’s just adorable lonely girl who sets her first step on to outside world. Dafne Keen had great job on portrayed it.

The ending get me emotional. I almost cried when Laura said “Daddy”. But this is perfect ending for greatest hero in X-Men universe. This is an epic goodbye to all fans who had been loyal with X-Men.

You did great job, Jackman.

So, goodbye, Logan. Goodbye, X-Men. And goodbye, Wolverine.


Directed by                               : James Mangold

Production companies          : Marvel Entertainment

                                                        TSG Entertainment

                                                         Kinberg Genre

                                                        The Donners’ Company

Distributed by                          : 20th Century Fox

Release date                              : March 3, 2017 (United States)

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{GAMES} The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book

You haven’t heard from your uncle in several days. When you go to his antique store, you’re accosted by someone after one of your uncle’s books. What starts as a simple search for your uncle quickly takes an even darker turn as you discover his collection of odds and ends is more than just a hobby. These artifacts have special powers, and one of them has trapped your uncle! Can you rescue him from a book of nightmares before it’s too late, or will you become its next victim?

The Keeper of Antiques - The Revived Book (1)

As much as I dislike how cliche’ the plot is, I admire their signature graphic style. They also show a slight improvement in animation and special effects, which make The Keeper of Antiques different from Witches’ Legacy.

In aspect of gameplay, the amount of HOS and puzzle are well-balanced, unlike Witches’ Legacy that requires several times of back-and-forth tracking from one location to another. The puzzle are well-constructed with medium challenge, while the HOS can be little bit tricky, especially if you just start playing HOPA games.

Throughout the game, you have to find morphing object and puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces contains history of our character. It always fun to learn your favorite character’s background. Also, we get a hot helper! I mean, litterally, because it’s fire salamander. Yup, you read it right.

Usually, the bonus chapter has different story from the main chapter, but in The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book, the bonus chapter is more like continuation of the main chapter. I guess EleFun win my heart today (^_~)

The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book is breath of fresh air for EleFun. Hopefully this series will be long run like their famous wizard-theme game, Witches’ Legacy.

Release Date  : June 10, 2016

Developer       : EleFun Games

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{JOURNAL} Weekend Madness Ep. 2: Start Writing A Journal

It was cloudy afternoon when I checked my 2nd YT channel, MissAmelie Review. I saw a video title ” My Journal Collection”


I don’t remember the last time I write a journal or just doodling randomly on notes. Probably that’s before I start work few months ago. That impacted me, my habit and literally, everything.

Yesterday, I was noticed how much times I spent on my phone, scrolling down Instagram feeds, instead writing a draft for next blogpost or review or do another productive thing. It really teribble. I know it may sound like I blame my workmates, but ever since I move to new office, and some of my friends got a new phone, I spent too much time on social media. I notice, I affected by my friends’s habit. “Environment affect our habit” theory is true. And it happen to me.

So, I decide to do my old routine. Back to 2013-early 2015, I used to watch some Youtube video as background while writing. Even when I’m not on Youtube, I put music playlist on to accompany me during writing hour. It’s very relaxing, motivating as well.

Right now, I just doing budget/financial planning journal. It’s very important thing to do since I almost broke last month LOL.

Probably next time I will try to make a video about writing on my 2nd channel. This way, hopefully, motivate me to go back to my passion and my main goal as well.

Thankyou for reading, and have a nice day.