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{GAMES} Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time

Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the supernatural. Driven by your sister’s mysterious disappearance, venture through the shadowy streets of San Francisco where crime and paranormal occurrences intertwine.

Solve one mystery after another to unravel a larger conspiracy that will lead you to your missing sibling. But beware; it may drag you into the abyss forever.


When Mad Head Games introduce Adam Wolfe on IG, I know this is going to be another madness adventure. Adam Wolfe is episodic adventure, so you have to purchase for few bucks on one episode. At first, they released it on Steam, but maybe they realized some people don’t have Steam account or don’t like buying four episode one by one, so they finally released another version on BigFish Games which contains two episode.

The first episode is an epic intro for Adam Wolfe’s story. Full-action storyline, less focused on hidden object part, more adventure and beautiful visual.

Adam Wolfe - Flames of Time (3)

Seems like Mad Head Games trying to focus on point&click adventure, instead exploring different variations of HOS like they always do. It makes the game goes straightforward, less wasting time going back and forth to the same location for more than three times.

Although the whole game set like point&click game, but there’s some area that I feel very similar with usual HOPA game. No wonder they promote it as “taking HOPA into a new level”. And it really is.

What can I complain from this game? Nothing.

Everything in Adam Wolfe is fresh, fun and exciting for me. With incredible animation, gorgeous pick of color shade, semi-realistic graphic, emotion-filled voice over, enjoyable gameplay, and full action storyplot, you can’t be so bored with Adam Wolfe. Instead, you’ll crave more of it.

The second episode also as great as the first one. Unfortunately, the second episode feel shorter than the first. But on the other hand, we got big clue on what happen with Wolfe’s sister.

Adam Wolfe - Flames of Time (2)

It took me almost two and half hour to complete two episodes. I felt disappointed once I reach the ending of the second episode. But I still have two more episode for play, so the disappointment didn’t last long.

Developer       : Mad Head Games

Release Date  : October 7, 2016