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{GAMES} Grim Legends: The Dark City

Sylvia, a young acolyte of the monster hunting Order, follows the trail of the Order’s ex-member Gabriel, who stole the artifact containing an evil creature called Koshmaar. The unleashed monster absorbs the entire city into its nightmare realm and now its fate lies in Sylvia’s hands. Accompanied by her trusted mentor Solomon, the young heroine will need to face her ultimate trial and discover a link between the villain Gabriel and her own heritage. As it turns out, there are nightmares buried in the past even darker than demons roaming the vast gothic city.


With the gothic touch, Grim Legends: The Dark City brings the dark tales of amnesiac acolyte and the sad truth of her heritage with the villain. I was expecting the story will be generic as we encounter the villain who want to stole the precious artifact from secret order. But then, after learning victim’s memories, turns out it more than just wanting evil power. There was a heartbroken human, tragic death and unspoken truth. And honestly, I was cried when we reach the chapter 5.

I will give standing ovation to Artifex Mundi for amazing story. This is the best story plot after Enigmatis.

With full action story, advanced player will found The Dark City more shorter and straightforward than the previous game. But it still incredible, considering how different this game from another Grim Legends game. We need more adult theme game, and Artifex Mundi know how to fill the thirst.

The animation in The Dark City is spectacular. It’s flawless and epic, fit with the gothic theme. The gameplay is perfect, super entertaining. Although the game is short, I enjoy it.

I don’t know if they use the reference from Grim Brothers or they create the original, but so far this is my favorite among all Grim Legends games. I almost get bored with the plot “We’re from secret order, protect the world, fight the evil” yada yada, but Artifex Mundi were  able to elevate the story into the next level. I think I will replay the game after my work done.

Once again, Artifex Mundi present the spectacular and thrilling tale, packed with incredible visual and smart gameplay. Their professionalism are the best. I love when developer taking their time to finish the game properly, not rushing it (like Boolat Games did to Dreampath)

So, Artifex Mundi, tell me what kind of story that you will give to us after Enigmatis and Grim Legends. Because I’m dying to play more from you.

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Developer: Artifex Mundi

Release Date: June 2016



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{JOURNAL} Juggling Between Work and Hobbies

It’s been month since I work at boutique. When I was started, I thought how could I manage to keep blogging, play games and learn drawing. In the first week, I’d been late 2-3 times. I’d been used to woke up around 6-7 AM, but this job make me wake up earlier, around 4 AM. Thankfully after a month, I can wake up at 4.30 AM, prepare meal for lunch break, take a shower, pray and breakfast.

Another thing I worry is my hobby. I used to recording walkthrough all day, from 10 AM to 22 AM, but now I rarely have time for that. I used to upload 4 videos per day, now I only upload 2 videos. I’m stress, anxious, and exhausted thinking how to manage it.

But now finally I can manage when it’s time to work, hobbies, rest and dating with K. Monday-Friday is the time for work. In five days, my mind must focus with target per day. Monday-Friday often feel monotone because every day I sort the old products that stored in the warehouse. Fortunately my office mates are very nice and always makes me laugh so I feel less exhausted.

I also work on Saturday, but the work hour is shorter than other days. On Saturday, it less hectic so I able to take time for blogging and drawing.




I don’t know how long I’ll able to do this kind of schedule, but until today, I just do my best to work hard in main job and my dream career.