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{GAMES} Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders for PC

“Dear Hercule Poirot, I’ve heard that you are very good at solving problems which are too subtle for our poor English police officers and their slow minds. So, clever clogs, we are going to put you to the test…In any case, do not miss what will happen in Andover on the 21st of this month. Kind regards, A.B.C.”

Andover, 1935. A woman murdered in her own shop, as if confirms the mysterious letter that arrives at Poirot’s house isn’t prank. An ABC Railway guide placed on crime scene and another letter arrives. Who is the sender? Is he the killer?


This is my first time playing full point-click adventure, but since I’ve been play lots of HOPA, it feels less awkward for me to wandering around, collecting evidence.

The plot of game is adapted from the real work of Agatha Christie with the same title. Playing this game is feel like reading visual novel version of Poirot. Throughout the game, you’ll be control Hercule Poirot, investigating murder by collecting evidence and interview the witness. Also, you’ll asked to act like Poirot, walk and talk in Poirot’s manner. By doing this, you will gain point.

Sometime, you have to solve puzzle just to check what inside the object that you found or rotating item to see the odds in it. It’s interesting but also frustrating. I have to click hint just to open the drawer and it’s not fun.

Not only collecting evidence, we also observing the person when we interview them. This part is interesting because you have to choose which questions that is most like Poirot.

After collecting evidence and information, you will put it all in one conclusion. This part is weird because if you put the wrong clue, it simply says “ No, it doesn’t”. As if they already made only one path, based on novel’s ending. I’ve been getting used with system like otome game where you can choose whatever you like and those choice will determine the ending. So although the game is like visual novel, it doesn’t work like one.

Although The ABC Murders is mystery story, but the visual said the opposite. It looks like cheerful cartoon with bright shade of color. I don’t mind it because it more enjoyable for me and it doesn’t feel like I’m in the middle of bloody case. Let’s say I need a break from those type of game.

Anyway, The ABC Murders introduce a whole new world for me. I may play lots of HOPA, but I never play traditional adventure game before, so it’s really fresh and fun. It also different from other Agatha Christie adaptation’s game. Hopefully the developer will release another Poirot game like this so I could enjoy more visual version of Agatha Christie’s works!

Developer : Artefacts Studio, Microids



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