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{GAMES} Demon Hunter: Chronicles From Beyond – The Untold Story

The late Professor Ashmore was as brilliant as he was kind. After taking you in as a child, the professor raised you as his own on Iowa Island. After having been away from the Island for years, you find that you’ve been overwhelmed by an ominous feeling that the professor is dead. The newspaper confirms this uneasy feeling, but no one has been able to determine how it happened. It’s up to you to return to the island and find who’s responsible for this terrible crime.

Demon Hunter Chronicles From Beyond The Untold Story

Well, actually I already play it 2 years ago when it first released but then I forgot to write the review because I was bored, disappointed with this game. I was hold my negative reviews at that time, because there was so many preachy-positive people around me and if I said something negative, I’m afraid I will be called as hater.

But learning from other reviewer, I finally have courage to speak what is in my mind. If I find a flaw, say it. Use polite word then everything will be okay.

Okay, Demon Hunter: Chronicles From Beyond-The Untold Story is the first game of the Demon Hunter series. When I was play it back then, I was expected the story will be full of action, hunting the demon, but all we do was investigating the murder of the MC’s foster father. Nothing related to MC’s past.

I was hoped there’s a depth in the story when I play the Bonus Chapter. But no, it was just escaping from demon’s trap.

The graphics and voice overs are fine with cartoon-style animation. The HOS are great and the developer really paid attention to detail. Everything is fine and predictable, kinda boring.

The third game recently released and I’m not sure if I will continue the second and the third. But you will know sooner if I change my mind.

Developer       : Brave Giant Studios

Release Date  : May 2014

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{GAMES} Enigmatis: The Ghost Of Maple Creek

After waking up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you must piece together your memories and figure out why you ended up in Maple Creek. Discover the ancient evil that lurks in the seemingly peaceful lands of Vermount.


As soon as I watched YourGibs’s and Wardfire’s video on the latest chapter of Enigmatis, I know this trilogy should be my next game. I try to not expect anything once I click Play and I did it right.

The main plot is similar with what I ever saw in the other game: the missing person and the possibility of evil works. Not really interesting plot, but somehow Artifex Mundi is successfully making it looks promising.

The story is just a start of dangerous investigation about demonic power. During the game, we will found several clue and deduce why, who, where, when, what and how on evidence board. This feature make me keep playing until the end. We’re able to do evidence deduction and linking each evidence that we found to the twisted truth.

Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek focused heavily on hidden object scene. It well-built, but some item are too small. Luckily we got hint button. It’s totally okay to use it because there’s no Achievement for Perfect Eye or No Mistake.

The puzzle are also nice with medium level of challenge. The visual are scary-looking with great sound effects which almost made me want to drop because I’m scared easily. The voice over are fine too.

The bonus chapter show us the investigation of Hamilton’s missing girlfriend. It short, but give us the depth about what’s happened 30 years prior to the event.

Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek is great start before we continue to learn the true motive behind these evil case. For those of you who love demon mystery case, Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek will be the perfect game.

Developer       : Artifex Mundi

Release Date  : 2011

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{GAMES} Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Within the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of the foggy valley, stands the lonely village of Ravenbrook. Its perimeter is protected by the villagers’ charms, but beyond the legends and the magic, the gloomy forests and wailing wind, lies a chasm so deep and feared, it is known by the villagers only as The Abyss. No one knows what lies within, but when a strange visitor arrives in Ravenbrook just before a young bride is kidnapped, the villagers find justification for their superstitions…


This is my first time playing game from Artifex Mundi. I’ve heard these titles before but I never wanted to tried it because I’m too scared with word “Grim”. But recently I encourage myself to try after watching Wardfire’s video. Turns out, it is not as scary as I thought.

Grim Legends name, apparently, was based on Brother Grimm and the plot was inspired from their tales collection. Sadly, I don’t know which reference that Artifex Mundi use for this game. I only can guess that bonus chapter was inspired by Rumpeltiltskin.

Surprisingly, I rarely find hidden object scene in this game. Artifex seems focused on the adventure part, and that was a great strategy. Since there are so many location in Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, they limit the HOS in the same location, so the player don’t need to revisit the same HOS.

For a player who get bored with HOS, you can switch it with domino mini-game which I found very hard to understand. Maybe because I never play domino in real life. Luckily playing HOS in this game is the most fun part. The item looks clear and the word are understandable for non-English speaker like me.

The visual in The Forsaken Bride are high quality with nice voice over. The animation is sharp and smooth, along with beautiful choice of color. Aside that, we also collect Spirit and the Elusive Object which revealed the sad truth of two young lovers.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride will take your breath away. Each minute something drastic happen. The ending is sweet, as we reuniting the lost family and banish the evil from their life.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride are full-action packed game. And since there are already two other games released and waiting me to play it, I would say this is great start to catch up all Artifex Mundi’s game.

Developer       : Artifex Mundi

Release Date  : February 2014

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{GAMES} Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps

A mystical rain is turning everyone into frogs! As part of the royal family, you can fend off the illness, but for how long? It’s up to you to find the cause of this wicked weather and save your loved ones. Can you discover the cure before it’s too late?

Dreampath Curse of the Swamps CE - POSTERS 3

Filled with fantasy elements, Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps give us the breathtaking visuals, innovative HOS and fun-challenging puzzle.

Boolat Games may not produce games as much as other developers, but their games always paid attention to a very small details. Seems like their team were taking time and not rushing it which is good. The presentation is spectacular, combine it with interactive map and new feature of butterfly amulet which can be use to detect hidden items.

The upbeat music is really fits into fantasy background. The animation is really smooth and the voice overs doesn’t sound monotone.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t as great as the previous Dreampath. It’s just the generic story of brave princess save her kingdom. The ending is feel anticlimatic.

Although I disappointed with the story, but the visual and gameplay is enough to impress me. Some aspect may illogical, but Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps still wonderful adventure game to escape from reality

Developer       : Boolat Games

Released Date: 2016

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{JOURNAL} His Birthday and Job Interview

September 19th was unexpected day.

Two days before, I got message from HRD of boutique, asked me for job interview. I was hesitant. I wasn’t planned to do job hunting since I want to focus on my novel. But my Dad and K encourage me to take it. I replied, and few hours later, I got the answer. The interview will takes place on Monday, 11 AM.

I started to planned the schedule because I don’t want to miss K’s birthday. He turned 24 on September 19th, the same day I take job interview. I thought with the same public transport I used few months ago, I will arrive at 11 AM. But I was forgot, this isn’t the same road I took before.

I knew I’ll need take a walk for 3 minutes to get there, but I didn’t knew there’ll be horrible traffic jam that force me to walk 10 minutes longer than I expected. I was anxious, scared. But thankfully, I was able to arrived at location.

The interview started on 13.30 PM. They called me in at 14.00 PM.

The boutique owner asked me several things, include which field I do best and how I design (copying or creating, she asked). After she’s done, I felt so relief. I don’t really thought too much if I will get accepted or not. Because what’s important to me was I’m not getting panic attack during interview.

But it’s not over yet. I still need to go as soon as possible. K and I was agreed to met at Pondok Gede Mall.

And I was supposed to arrived at 4 PM. But that was impossible because at that time, I was trapped in the middle of traffic jam.

I finally arrived on 6 PM. I hurriedly walked to the second floor where he waited for me. The day before, I said I wanted to try new food corner named “Shin-Da”. But after he said he didn’t want to eat it because it’s not halal, we decided to bought Cha-Time instead.


Honestly, despite how happier I am meeting him and talk so many things, I felt little bit upset because originally, we supposed to celebrate his birthday with dinner at Shin-Da. But he didn’t want it. I don’t have plan B for it, that’s why I’m upset. I don’t want to take him to our usual dinner spot (KFC and Gokana Teppan) because we often go there. I wanted something new for his birthday. I guess this is what you get when you have high expectation.



Maybe I should stop seeing those #relationshipgoals on Instagram. It become unhealthy and make me forget the most essentials in our relationship. In the end of the day, we don’t need to post every single picture of us on social media. We don’t need to be claimed as #couplegoals. As long as we have each other and understand each other, we can get through anything together.

Happy birthday, dear one.

May your dream become true

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{YOUTUBE} Introducing My Youtube Channel, MissAmelie

Hi, guys!

So it’s been 1 year since I decided to create channel to move some content into video-format. Then I just remembered, I never advertise my own channel in here! In my own blog! ( -___-‘)

I have two channel, MissAmelie (walkthrough only) and MissAmelie Review. Next time I’m gonna tell you how I ended up created two channel, but today, I’m just gonna tell you where you can find my channel so you can subscribe.


Update everyday, 4 videos/day




Like, Subscribe and Have Fun!

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{GAMES} Deadtime Stories

Sinister thrills await in this gorgeously dark and unsettling telling of a real-life ghost story from New Orleans’ shadowy history. Free trapped spirits, cast spells and unlock fragments hidden in the paranormal world to reveal the story of a misguided voodoo queen. Use your wits as you dive into a spooky world in Deadtime Stories, a haunting Hidden Object Adventure game. Discover the history and secrets of 19th century New Orleans!

Deadtime Stories

Is it just me that everytime I found a story related to New Orlearns it’s always about voodoo?

In Deadtime Stories, we meet a mysterious guy named Edward. He introduce us to Jessie Boden’s grave and tell her tales before she died. The tales of jealousy and betrayal that takes Jessie into unforgivenable sins: killing someone with voodoo.

Deadtime Stories’s gameplay filled with cluttered, illogical HOS (we’re in 1800, dude), and tricky puzzle. Some location need to revisit in order to gather the ingredients. Thank goodness the item in ingredients list has nice variation. My main problem is the tricky puzzle. I said tricky because sometime I couldn’t understand the instructions. Maybe it was my fault being an idiot.

Does anyone know New Orleans accent? I never heard real New Orleans person talk so even Jessie’s dialogue sounds convincing, I still doubt if it the real New Orleans accent. But I still give thumbs up for the voice actress. You did a great job there.

As much as I enjoy the story, I won’t recommend to play it at night. Seriously, those voodoo stuff was creep me out. The ingredients even disgust me.

I noticed there’s lots of grave aside from Jessie. I really hope Edward will tell us the rest of them. Telling us what kind of sins they had.

Developer       : I-play

Release Date  : 2010