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{REVIEW} Turbo Fiesta

Third in the hugely popular Turbo series, Turbo Fiesta is what happens when south of the border cuisine takes on an interplanetary trajectory. An astronomical and gastronomical adventure, Turbo Fiesta is truly out of this world! Rebecca and Robert are taking their fast food empire to totally new heights. Serve interplanetary customers in spectacular, far-out locations and watch your fast food empire skyrocket.

Turbo Series (4)

Hello for another insane time management. Prepare yourself because you’re gonna end up hurting your fingers and wrist. Seriously.

This time, we work at space station, making burrito. Three different flavor with three different sauce. We also got variety of foods and drink which add the insanity. Basically the gameplay is still same but The Fiesta Mode make everything different. Once you boost and fill the meter until full, you’ll get Turbo Mode. After three times Turbo Mode, you will get Fiesta Mode which everyone stayed happy, make you easier to prepare all order.
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{REVIEW} Captain America: Civil War



One year after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, another international incident involving the Avengers resulting in collateral damage occurs, prompting politicians to form a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to call in the team. When Steve Rogers attempts to protect his friend Bucky Barnes from this act, he is brought into conflict with Tony Stark. This results in the fracturing of the Avengers into two opposing factions—one led by Rogers, who wishes to operate without regulation, and the other by Stark, who supports government oversight—while the world is threatened by a new enemy.


This movie is emotion rollercoaster. One second you’re laugh, next you’re angry. There only few scene that looks calm, in order to explain the purpose of Bucky’s comeback. Your heartbeat can’t stop, no break time.

The first 1 hour is TeamCap vs TeamIronMan, next hour is revelation. This movie didn’t talk about good vs bad, but how the empire fall. In this case, Avengers. Zeemo, the real villain in this movie even stated, “ I wanna see the empire fall,”. Also, when he asked what he feel after he failed, he asked back, “ Did I?” which implies that he is actually succeed.

Before the movie released, my Facebook timeline was flooded by post, “ TeamCap or TeamIronMan? Which side are you?” and most of people chose TeamCap. Their reason is because IronMan support government while Captain America wants freedom, and yeah, who doesn’t love freedom? But the intro scene has been show us why IronMan chose to sign. He scared if his power hurt citizen. He tried to protect Scarlet Witch, but unfortunately his way is wrong in Scarlet’s eyes.

To me, both of them are selfish.

Tony blinded by his fear and trauma of his loss, while Steve blinded by his friendship with Bucky. Both of them didn’t think the consequence, but Steve is the most selfish in here. He know the truth but decided to hide it. His fear of being hurt with truth is blinded his decision. For Tony, I felt like saw myself in him. We both blinded by our fear, and we both feel like the world turns back against us. K said, the differences between me and Tony is how big his ego is.

I honestly feel sad seeing how many people think this is just about government vs freedom. There’s so many things happen in this movie, and the whole government thing is just small part of it. We learn how misunderstanding can break the friendship, learn how fear can influence our action, and more. I wish the audience can see more than just, “  KYAAA CAPTAIN AMERICA WHY U SO HOT “ or “ Cap is more better than Iron bcoz he’s siding freedom “

I wish.

Because if you still think this is only about government vs freedom, I think you also blind.

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{REVIEW} Witches’ Legacy: The Ties That Bind

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Lynn was just a little girl, but now she’s all grown up and marrying Edward. You couldn’t be happier for your adopted daughter – until you discover that Edward is missing! A mysterious letter promised answers to his past, urging him to return to his birthplace. As a witch hunter, Edward is accustomed to danger… but he may have gotten in over his head this time. You and Lynn rush to follow his trail, unaware that a dark presence is watching you. Can you track down Edward in time?

Witch's Legacy - The Ties That Bind

What can I say?

The Ties That Bind has continue the same problem from previous game. Lack the originality. Eventhough the visual art style is high quality and the voice over are awesome, but still there’s something missing from this game.

The gameplay is predictable, but the HOS become more interactive which is why I still digging this game. The puzzle are less challenging but the detail of it is stunning. There’s also several sets of collectibels, such as puzzle pieces. Same with previous, these puzzle pieces are use to learn the character’s backstories. No more basic journal which usually use for record our adventure.

Witches Legacy: The Ties That Bind is an okay game, where you learn about Edward’s past and how he connected with Elizabeth too. Still hoping there’s something unique that they create in the next game.

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{REVIEW} Turbo Subs

Hit the kitchen running as Rebecca and Robert continue their pursuit of building the greatest restaurant franchise in town. Except now they find themselves in a much bigger town, New York City! With loads of upgrades, secret sauces, and unique tastes, Turbo Subs is a delicious new adventure for the whole family!

Turbo Series (3)


From the story aspect, Turbo Subs offer classic story about people who just start their business vs big bad guys who wants to destroy the business. Still fun to read because they keep moving into new place not because tha bad guy, but because there are people who start business with same theme. And this time Robert making different kinds of sandwiches with different sauce.

The gameplay is still same with previous game, but Turbo Subs offers a variety of food like coke, chips, cookies and cotton candy. So the strategy is same, prepare cotton candy to save time. And there’s new feature in this game. When you chaining and serving orders quickly, it will boosts a meter then the Turbo Service Mode will turn on where everything moves even faster for a short period of time.

The feature add madness into the game. Did I ever said Turbo Pizza is best game for hand exercises? Nah, same goes with Turbo Subs. You need to prepare your wrist.

Sometime we have to clean up the restaurant and we got HOS mini-game for that. If you complete it, you’ll get additional point which can be used to purchase the upgrade.

What makes Turbo Subs challenging is when you start new place, you’ll have to start from scratch. Purchasing the upgrade is really helpful. Especially when you upgrade your sandwich table and oven.

Turbo Subs are more suitable for veteran time management because it’s very hard if you’re not used to play with crazy speed. For all veteran out there, get ready for Subs madness!

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{REVIEW} Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen

After several centuries of peace, a terrible new evil threatens the Lost Lands! Rumors are spreading of four mysterious horsemen cutting a path of terror throughout the land. They burn villages, freeze the water, and bring darkness wherever they go. The horsemen are after a key that will allow them to control parallel worlds, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. As the champion of the Lost Lands, you’re the only one brave enough to face them… but can you track them down and stop them in time?

Lost Lands - The Four Horsemen

I don’t know, but I feel like I’m masochist. I keep torturing myself by playing something that I can’t enjoy. From the story aspect, I mean. I start getting bored with “Special One” who can save the world.

The graphic is gorgeous, I have to say. The voice over is great and not sound monotone. The gameplay is basic, but still fun to play. But there’s nothing innovative in this game which is disappointing.

Luckily I’m not drop this game because there’s different sets of collectibles that worth to collect and very entertaining. Eventough from the story aspect is very low, I still consider Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen as the gorgeous game from visual aspect.

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{REVIEW} Turbo Pizza

Rebecca and Robert are on a quest to build a successful restaurant franchise! In Turbo Pizza, you have full control over their pizza destiny. Decide when its right to purchase new appliances, better menu options, or put resources behind developing Rebecca and Roberts skills. Save enough money to open a second location in an even MORE unique setting. Meet your customers needs and word of mouth will bring the masses. Remember though, different customers have different needs.

Turbo Series (2)

In Turbo Pizza, there’s no table, only counter. So basically we are serving takeout. First we click the speech bubble above customer’s head, wait until they show what menu they want, if the pizza is they want then we walk over to Robert. The other menu such as popcorn require time so my advice is to prepare popcorn first, and if you have oven more than one, you can prepare two different pizza to save time.
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{REVIEW} Delicious: Emily’s Tea Garden

After rescuing her family business in Delicious 2 Deluxe, Emily has big plans to open her own Tea Garden. But in order to make her dreams come true, she’s going to have to earn enough money to pay her construction loans by helping other restaurateurs. Help Emily cater to a wide variety of customers in a number of different locations including a BBQ Grill, Beach Club, and Fine Restaurant. Hire entertainers, decorate each restaurant, and keep up with reservations in two thrilling game modes. More frenzied and more fun than ever, Delicious: Emily’s Tea Garden is a vivid treat for the whole family.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden

The graphic style in Emily’s Tea Garden is totally different with other Delicious game I ever play. This is very old-fashioned and has similar vibe with Diner Dash. But what makes both game different is there’s no takeout and menu choice in Diner Dash. As you can see, in Emily’s Tea Garden, you’ll serving customer, making different dishes and drink, and cleaning the table. On, and capture the mouse, which can add 100 point into your cash.
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