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{REVIEW} Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions

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First Story | Moonlight

Catherine, the best student at Magic Academy, is busy studying when suddenly there’s attack and seems like everything around her is change! A villain named the Illusionist has stolen an important book from the academy, leaving an illusions to cover his tracks. The professors are trapped because of it, and apparently the whole place are also covered by illusions so that it’s hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. Can Catherine catch Illusionist and save the book?



The gameplay is similar with the previous game. You’re not given a list of item’s name, instead you looking for shattered objects that you have to put back together to solve the puzzle.
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A Week Without Skripsi

This video is sums up my first week without skripsi.

It’s feel really nice to be able sleep in normal time (10 PM) and wakes up without need to worry about class or skripsi. I even able to do some ‘me time’ like watching my favorite Youtuber, search anime, listening favorite music and taking nap more than 2 hours :p

In the video, I show you when I cook spaghetti, and I totally forgot to mention what kind of spaghetti is that.
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{REVIEW} Living Legends: Frozen Beauty

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Living Legends: Ice Rose


Your sister, Elizabeth is chosen to be the queen’s successor. She’s so excited about the thought you and her will live in warm castle and being happy forever. When she thought she’s passed the test, the queen takes her and destroy the bridge to the castle. Now, you have to search another way to rescue Elizabeth. What a queen wants from Elizabeth? Is it related with the sudden appearance of Snow White?



So, before I started play this game, I just found Snow Queen tale, written by Hans Andersen and I suddenly remember Living Legends: Ice Rose. Apparently, Living Legends is based on legend/tale, like Dark Parables. But Living Legends isn’t darker than Dark Parables.
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Where I’ve Been?

Hi, everyone!

First of all, I feel like I’ve been being very irresponsible with this blog. I make the schedule, but I can’t keep with it. This whole skripsi thing is consume me, I even can’t write without thinking “ Is this the right way? Is this word too popular? Am I writing scientific enough?”. It makes me crazy, until it triggers my depression and panic attack. I’m scared what people will thinking.
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