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Lunchtime At Lawson

It’s very rare for me and K to eat convenience food in daily basis. But few days ago, since I need place to working on skripsi, we went to Lawson. We usually only buy drink and onigiri, but for first time, we decided to tried their lunch menu.


It’s fish katsu with rice and Ichitan.



I also bought steam cake because it’s look delicious.

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7 Days Water Your Body

In order to back on track, I’ve been trying different way, from back to Blogilates calendar then changing eating habit. But it seems like not working for now.

Then my sister introduce me with this awesome apps. It called Water Your Body.

Water Your Body (1)


When you open the apps for first time, it will ask your weight to calculate how much water you need in a day. Once you type you weight, you’ll get drink target and dashboard-like to adding your cup.
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{REVIEW} Crystal of Time

Ashley’s father was mysteriously disappeared. The only clue is the crystal that he got from Tree Oak Mansion. Hoping to find her father, she went to Tree Oak Mansion and discover the secret of Professor Nathan McPherson. What kind of mystery that will she find? Can she save her father for being disappeared forever?

Crystal of Time (1)


Blame my quick judgement. I was thought Professor already dead and his ghost haunted the mansion. Turns out, he goes same fate as Ashley’s father.
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Cup Bon: Our New Favorites?

We found this drink while we waited a movie last month. My first impression is, it similar with ChaTime.

They have 4 kind in the menu:


-Fruit Milk Tea

-Cocoa Series

-Milk Tea

-Brewed Tea

Our first try is Cocoa Hazelnut Pearl and Cocoa Hazelnut Grass Jelly.


The taste? Not too sweet, IMO. I still prefer ChaTime.

The price itself is more cheap than Hop Hop. They also have more different flavour. And you can choose what size of cup that you want.

Unfortunately, this drink only can find in Bekasi Cyber Park.

Probably CupBon will be my choice of beverage for watch movie at Blitz Megaplex. I just need to be careful so security aren’t catch me. LOL

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{REVIEW} Tales of Sorrow: Strawsbrough Town

Tales of Sorrow - Strawbrough Town

It should be happy day as you and your wife celebrate wedding anniversary. An old woman knocks the door and ask for shelter. She thanks to your wife and give her a scarf then suddenly, your wife faint! What’s curse that woman bring to your happiness?


First impression: it’s remind me with Angela Young 3: Lucid Dreams – Message From Beyond. I imagine this is gonna be another-clicking-too-much-hint-because-I-don’t-know-where-should-I-go. Fortunately, I was wrong. The similarities only on a graphic, not whole game.
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My Beauty Experiences: Liquid or Pencil?

I think I ever said, like, million times. I rarely wear makeup. For me, makeup is only for formal events. But recently, since I making videos, I notice there’s huge difference when I wear makeup and when I’m not. Especially the eyes.

When I’m bare face, I look very tired,dull and sleeping. But when I wear eyeliner and mascara, I look so fresh. Since then, I buy few eyeliner and there’s two type that I recently use.


1. Pencil
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