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{REVIEW} Psycho Pass

In real life, we judge human based on look, job, attitude and many more. But, can you imagine if we judge someone based on their crime rate eventhough they’re not do it yet?


Psycho Pass set on year 2113. There’s Sybil System act as their “God” to decide public’s future like job, academics, etc. They able to measure human brain, mental state, personality and probability that individual will commit crime. I say “God” because of how heavily they depend on it.

The story focuses on Tsunemori Akane who just got her first job as Inspector at Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. Along with Enforcer – person who have the highest crime rate, also called as latent criminal – Akane hunts criminal using a special weapon called Dominators. This weapon can measure person’s crime rate and designed only to fire person with higher Crime Coefficient.

Let’s talk about the background first.
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{REVIEW} City Style

Ever imagine working in magazine?

City Style

In City Style, you’ll work as assistant director. The rumor is, the director always request something ridiculous and nonsense. But after you pass her test, you realize the biggest problem isn’t coming from your boss. Someone tried to ruin your career! Can you survive all that crazy things? Or you end up losing your job?


As fashion design student, it’s really fun playing fashion-theme game. This game is more like behind the scene of fashion magazine. It remind me with internship.

Anyway, 90% of gameplay is straight HOS and the rest of it is mini games. My favorite is making mock-up. It reminds me a lot when I was take Fashion Journalism. It’s throwback moment and I totally enjoy it.
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{REVIEW} Awakening: The Redleaf Forest

Developer: Boomzap

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Dreamless Castle | Moonfell Wood | The Skyward Castle | The Sunhook Spire

In this final installment, Queen Sophia fly to the Redleaf Forest to find the Blade of Courage which can defeat Dreadmyre. Unfortunately, there’s accident that blocked her way through the forest. Not only that, she also has to deal with two race that has been fighting for years. Will she able to save her parents and her kingdom? What she will find in Dreadmyre’s castle?




It’s official. Awakening is one of two addictive games in my life. First is Mortimer Beckett, now this. Not only the graphic is incredibly beautiful, but also the gameplay isn’t boring. Instead, they take the whole HOS into new level.
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{REVIEW} Matchmaker: Curse of Deserted Bride

Developer: Sugar GamesMatchmaker The Curse of Deserted Bride


Never hurt woman’s heart.

20 years ago was supposedly being the happiest day in life. An engaged couple will married in a hour, but there’s only bride at the altar. Her sadness become curse for poor small town.

Hearing the news makes Helen wanna help and find the cause of curse. When she arrive, she find something more horrible than she expected. Can she break the curse?


I can say, it’s 50% fun and 50% boring.

Why fun?

I’ve been tired with horror genre in every HOG that I found on Internet. Same plot, same gameplay. Only few horror games I still enjoyed. I’m looking for something different. I want more adventurous, like Mortimer Beckett and Awakening.
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{REVIEW} Agatha Christie: 4.50 From Paddington

Developer: I-Play

Agatha Christie - 450 From Paddington (1)

Elspeth McGuillidy are witnessed murder, but unfortunately no one believe her as no body found. She quickly contacted Miss Marple and without waiting, Miss Marple, along with her assistant, start their investigation. Is it really murder or it just Elspeth’s imagination?


The gameplay is similar with Agatha Christie: Peril at End House so I don’t really confuse with visiting various locations and searching items based on the list. But, there’s twist which make me surprised. Some item are blurred until we continue the conversation and find a bold word in dialogue. After that, the item’s name become clear. It’s really great because most of blurred word is clue.
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{REVIEW} Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes


Doraemon and friends are make space movie based on their favorite’s, Guardians of the Galaxy. Suddenly a boy named Aron come to them and tell that his planet is being attacked by aliens. First, they thought it’s part of Director Burger’s script, but then after face-to-face with space pirates, they realize this is more than movie script. Now, they must stop the pirates before Aron’s planet, Pokkoru, destroyed.


I must admit it.

I’m too old for this. I feel sooo flat during the film, and the plot is predictable. First, Doraemon and friends doing something at back of hill then someone from outside of Earth are come, asking their help. The only difference is how naive the Pokkoru’s citizen. Fortunately they have Aron so they still safe and sound.
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