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{REVIEW} James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: A Darker Shade Of Grey

No time for rest. Not for Lindsay Boxer. She got news from Jacobi, there’s accident and a boy died. It look like accident, but not for Lindsay as she investigate the boy’s school. Can she find the murderer? Why the headmaster want close investigation?

James Patterson's Women Murder Club A Darker Shade of Grey (1)

In the sequel of Women’s Murder Club games series, we’ll experience thrilling investigation as you follows Lindsay and Cindy. They’re main character in here, but you still able playing Claire when she got task to examine evidence.

This is my first complaint: They change the lab equipment! Urgh. It doesn’t match with Claire. She needs logic mini-game. Not with the moving object.
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{REVIEW} Downtown Secrets

Three years ago, Marie suddenly left and didn’t said anything why to Alex. Time passed, and Alex’s phone ringing. Guess who the caller? Yup, it’s Marie. She begs Alex’s help but didn’t explain what happen. Alex decide to help her and found himself involved in serious crime.

Downtown Secrets

Sorry for another bad quality of pics. I can’t understand why my laptop aren’t allowed this game to be window mode.

First of all, the story are promising but they don’t wrapped it so good. It just Alex finally save Marie and they have lovey-dovey conversation after the suspect left.

Wow, maybe the storywriter want to make it romantic, but it fail.
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{REVIEW} Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare’s Heir

Sandman is back! Now he’s going to take Tim as his next victim and slave to defeat Laura. As Laura’s friend, you’ll enter Tim’s dream, learn his fears and save him before Sandman take his soul!

Dreamscapes 2 Nightmare's Heir (1)

If you curious with Dreamscapes 1, you can check the review here.

So, basically, this game isn’t have any difference with the first one. It feel shorter than first, but still enjoyable. You’ll enter 6 nightmare and solve the puzzle to free Tim.
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Too Much Games?

So I was looked back at my previous entry, and I was shocked by how many game reviews I made since 2013. There’s 54 reviews! (0____0 )

Too Much Games

I love playing games since I was 12. I still remember the first time I play Diner Dash. I don’t remember how many games I already played since I’ve been played so many title. My first games is from Games House and now, I’ve been tied with Alawar lately.
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{REVIEW} Letters From Nowhere

Audrey’s husband suddenly disappeared. She report to police but they can’t find him. One day, she found letter from someone who claim know what happened to her husband. As she following the trails, she uncover horibble truth behind the death of postman 30 years ago.

Letters From Nowhere

As soon as I start the game, my mood increase till 1000%! Because what? They has voice over!!! *jumping jumping*

Okay, okay I’m too excited. Fuh, I’ll calm myself.

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{REVIEW} Nora Roberts: Vision In White

After Agatha Christie and Women’s Murder Club series are made into hidden object games, now it’s time for Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts.

It’s story about friendship between Mackenzie, Laurel, Emma and Parker. They run succesful wedding planning business in Connecticut.

Vision In White are follows Mackenzie personal life on finding her true love and struggling with her rude mom. Just like the title, this game are full of white.  Most of scenes are covered by snow!

Nora Robert Vision in White

And again, this game can’t seen in window mode so I can’t screenshot it. Meh.

The first thing that I will talk about is the story, of course. The plot are adapted from the novel, and since I didn’t read adult romance, I don’t know if they made it right without cut important parts. But for me, it’s great. Voice acting made everything perfect.
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Easy Ways To Make Ice Lemon Tea!


I love tea since I was kid. The sweetness on that day cannot be forgotten. As I grow up, I start to love another type of tea.

But my favorite tea until today is lemon tea.

I usually drink lemon tea only when I’m at restaurant. I never try to make it by myself until my sister bought lemon. Coincidently, I just done watched Tess Christine’s video called “ What I Ate Today”. I noticed she put lemon in her water. Then I instanly remember Cassey Ho (blogilates) also put lemon in when she made detox water. Which is mean lemon can absorb in water.

So, here’s the easy recipe for anyone who love tea.
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