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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

All Clary wants is normal life, but it seems far away since she learn who she is. Being Shadowhunter isn’t easy, but dealing with Jace, hot and badass Shadowhunter is more hard. When he’s gone to meet Valentine, will Clary still trust him?

PS: This review are gonna be filled with my personal feeling.


City of Ashes

There’s only one word after read this book.



Too much telling. I can’t sympathize with the character because of that.

But my biggest complain is Jace. In City of Bones, he’s strong, arrogant and hot Shadowhunter all over the world. However, in City of Ashes, Clare made him like Mary Sue male version.
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OOTW November

Start from this month, I’ll fill Amelie’s Style section with Outfit of The Week. Basically I pick one week and show to you what I do, but just glimpse of it not full. Let’s say it’s more like sneak peek to my world :p


Monday, 17 November 2014

In Monday, I’m going to office earlier than other day because I don’t have outdoor work at that day.

OOTW November (1)


OOTW November (2)


OOTW November (3)

Read Behind The Scene: Indoor Work to see what I do on Monday.

Outfit details:

-Unbranded red shirt

-Unbranded moccha blazer

-Nevada black jeans

-DIY Rebel Shoes
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YOLO Food Haul

Who doesn’t love snacking?

When you’re watching TV or just relaxing on the sofa, your mouth can’t stop munching, right? Well, some people will avoid this kind of food because they think it’s unhealthy. If you eat it once a week, it doesn’t hurt you. Instead, it’ll boost your mood hehehe 😀

As for me, I usually save my money first before buying all snack that I want. And here the item that I always buy :p


YOLO Food Haul (1)

Potato chips is must have for me time. My favorite is Chitato with spicy chicken flavour >_<

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{REVIEW} Season Match 2

Season Match 2 (1)

Save the land from January’s madness! In this sequel, April will help you to rescue all season and stop January from taking Snow Queen’s throne.


Season Match 2 (2)

One character has 10 level and the total is 60 level.


Season Match 2 (3)

The gameplay are similar with Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow. You have to match 3 or more same-colored jewels, destroy the blocks and collect coins. Always check how much you have to collect or destroy because if you’re not reach the goal, you can’t revive artifacts.

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{REVIEW} Mockingjay Part 1




Well, I guess I’ll go to the point.

This movie is……….AMAZING!

I’ll talk about the positive side first. As usual, Lionsgate made everything looks awesome. The setting, costume, story (I’m glad they don’t change it too much) and all emotions that they’re put in.

There’s few scenes that added in first 10 minutes and it shows before she went to District 12.

Did you notice there’s Effie in Part 1? Well, I thought it’s really bad changing plot but then it turns out so great. With Effie in movie version, there’s fresh air and little bit comedy in it.
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Behind The Scene: Indoor Work

Being inside of building for 8 hours is really tiring.

Typing and typing. That’s what I do everytime I don’t have any outdoor job.

Sometime I playing around with internet, like searching journal or watching Youtube :p

Behind The Scene Indoor Work (1)


Also, in break time, I watch anime. Recently, I like watching Clannad ( I know, I’m so late watch this) and Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei.
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