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Bubble Me Pop

PS: Just ignore the title, it’s weird word that pop out from my brain :p

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for very lack of update. Since 2 weeks ago, I start internship as reporter. So many things happen since then, and I really want to share with you, but maybe not now. I take 2 days off  because I got flu (again) and all these internship things makes me hard to find right time for workout.

Luckily, I’m not sitting in front of my desk for 8 hours per day. My job is outdoor, so basically I have time for relaxing. But still, it’s hard to manage my schedule now since I also has another assignment.

By the way, during internship, I have several new favorite drink to recharge myself. Three of them has similar type and one is something that you can find in street.

Es Podeng

Bubble Me Pop (1)


First time I try es podeng is when I still being dancer. At that time, I finish practice and going home. Before I take a bus, I feel like my throat need something cold and sweet, so I decide to buy some drink.
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{REVIEW} Magic Encyclopedia: Moonlight

Catherine’s professor, Fobros, are gone! Roger ask her help to find where he is and what’s he do. Travelling around world to search clue and save Fobros!

Magic Encyclopedia Moonlight (1)

I was captivated with title ‘Magic’, so I decided to download it in

It has similar gameplay with Mortimer Beckett. You have to find the scattered items and use them to find next clue.

Magic Encyclopedia Moonlight (3)
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{REVIEW} Dreamscapes: Sandman

Dreamscapes Sandman (1)

When Laura was little, she had nightmare about Sandman who chases her. Her father give her dreamcatcher to keep Sandman away. Few years later, in her first solo concert, Sandman suddenly appears and break her dreamcatcher. With the dreamcatcher shattered, Laura falls into a coma.


Dreamscapes Sandman (2)

I almost jumps when I saw the prologue. It’s 3D and has voice over! I was thought, “ It’s gonna be amazing game,”

And I’m right.

It has similar gameplay with Princess Isabella’s trilogy. Like hidden object, but no hidden object scene. You have to find useful item and solve the task to dispelled the nightmare.
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5 Lunch Ideas For School/Work

When I was in high school, the hardest part in the regular days is packing lunch box. I’m too lazy to do cooking and I end up spend too much money for lunch. After I enter college, I thinking, “ What should I do to save money?”

At first, I don’t want to bring lunch box as first option, but seeing a lot of my friends eating their lunch box, I feel like, “ Hey, maybe I should learning cooking so I can bring my own lunch,”

Many students who lives with parents are depending on their mother to prepare lunch box. Well, you better learn cooking now before everything is too late. If you know what I mean.

So, after struggling managing my morning routine, I find best way to prepare my own lunch box.

And here 5 lunch ideas for your school or work day. Also it’s my recent favorite 😀

In hurry and no time to cooking? Here the ideas for fast lunch and filling.


5 Lunch Ideas For School or Work (1)


5 Lunch Ideas For School or Work (3)

For white rice, you can replace with something that has similar nutrients.
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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Tris are dying searching the truth behind her factions, her world, but she has to face another betrayal. She’s unsure with all the things that she got after leaving town. Once again, she has to win trust from her friends and find the real culprit.


This book left me emotionally.

Tris and Tobias arguing more than when they’re at Insurgent. Tobias made so many mistakes that Tris can’t forgive. Their ego blind them.

But this is what makes they’re so real.
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{REVIEW} Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow

Season Match Curse of the Crow Witch (1)


Season Match Curse of the Crow Witch (3)

It almost New Year, but Crow kidnap all Months to avoid New Year Eve coming! Help Snow Queen to retrieve all Months from evil witch and find the truth behind it.

At first I thought this is gonna be another hidden object with beautiful graphics, but after play one level, it turns out to be match-3-gems-and-destroy-it.

I’m disappoint, truthfully.

But, as games progress, I can enjoy playing it. It’s great to relieve stress after sick. All I need to do is just match 3 or more same colored gems, find scattered items, find all differences, and reassembles pictures. And you know what, I just randomly clicking without seeing if it really destroyed or not. If I hear bomb sound, means yes. HAHAHAHA. Continue reading “{REVIEW} Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow”