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Night Skincare Routine 2014 + Beauty Tips

There’s time I’m too sleepy to do skincare routine, but lately I try to force myself to do skincare routine eventhough my eyes feel so heavy.


Night Skincare Routine+Tips (1)

As soon as I arrive at home, I grab Ponds Clear Solution Shake&Clean and cotton pad. My face gettin’ more dirty after long day outside home. Some people can’t use this product because it’s too strong, so I’m not recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. But it feel fresh on my skin (mine is combination), that’s why I still use it.

It doesn’t clear all dirt on my skin, so I follow up with Garnier Pure Active Energizing Facial Foam (that’s very long name).

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{REVIEW} The Maze Runner

Thomas wake up in elevator with no memories. When the door opens, he meet several boys in the place full of grass and high walls.

Every night, the door on the wall are open and The Runner (nickname for someone who run in the maze and try to find the way out) are running in the maze, in hope finding exit door.

One question disturbing Thomas. Why they’re trapped in here?

And so, our running adventure are begin.




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Affordable Back To School Clothing Haul

Hi everyone!

I don’t know what about the other places, but most of school had started since a month ago, two weeks after Eid al-Fitr.

And I know it’s little bit late to do back to school clothing haul, but my college starts just two weeks ago.

Oh, I have to tell you something. I’m not buy all of these items in one day. It’s like collective haul because I start shopping since a month ago.

Now, let’s start off with clothes that I bought from Ramayana.

Affordable Back To School Clothing Haul (1)

Most of people that I know aren’t shop in Ramayana anymore. But I still shop there because the price are more cheap. Not really cheap, but not too expensive.

I was confused when I looking for shirt. Most of them are in black, white or grey. I have too many black and white clothes in my closet, I need another color.


Affordable Back To School Clothing Haul (2)

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After Shopping Trip

YOLO meal, anyone?

After Shopping Trip (1)

I was craving for some burger and soda, so I decided went to McDonalds and bought Chicken Cheeseburger.


After Shopping Trip (2)


I don’t know why I’m so easily get hungry after sick for 2 weeks. It’s like my belly get upset if I only eat 2 times per day. It will growling so loud, but I’m so glad K didn’t hear it. Really embarassing -_-“
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Favorite and Highly Recommend Shop

PS: All opinion is honest from me and some of store is my favorite since I was highschool student 🙂


Brace yourself, guys. Because this post will be longest post I ever made.


Today I’m gonna share all my favorite shop, and it’s my high recommend list. Few years ago, there’s people who ask me where I bought this or that. So I think today is right time to tell you because finally I discover what I really love.

Let’s start with favorite clothing store.

Please note that I’m never shop at another store especially the high-brand one. So sorry if you think this list are too cheap for you.

1. Matahari Dept. Store

Favorite Shop and Brand {Highly Recommend} (1)



My mom always bring me here whenever I need new clothes. When I start shopping by myself, I found this store having so much cute, affordable and cool stuff. For some people, this store are too expensive, but for me it’s still affordable. What I love from the store is they have great quality and the clothes aren’t look cheap. I never get bored shopping in there. I can spend more than 1 hours (that’s my big record in shopping) looking around before I finally found what I want.

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{REVIEW} Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

There’s someone said the game are inspired by Christine. It horror story written by Stephen King. I never read it so I can’t give any comment about that.

Motor Town Soul of the Machine (1)

So, as reporter, you’re being tired with interviewing celebrity and you expect some big meat. Your boss give you task to interview a genius and crazy professor who invent cars. Not regular cars, it has soul! But when you arrive at his house, you find something odd and you decide to investigate it.

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