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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

After run away from Dauntless, Tris realize she can’t trust anyone. Her mind are blinded with regrets. But she has to decided, will she reveal herself as Divergent or not?


I just finish half of book, and I try to finish it before Tuesday. So many emotions filled me after reading it. I feel so happy, curious and scared at same time. Happy because not much romance in it. Curious what will happen to Tris. And scared if Tobias can’t trust Tris anymore. Continue reading “Insurgent by Veronica Roth”

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{REVIEW} Detective Conan The Movie: Dimensional Sniper

DetectiveConan The Movie Dimensional Sniper


Conan and his friends are invited to see opening ceremony of Bell Tree Tower. Suddenly, a man are killed right in front of his eyes. Along with Sera, Conan go after the culprit but he escapes. Surprisingly, FBI gets involved too. They suspect the former of SEALS’s member, Timothy Hunter is the main culprit. But as they investigate, they found there’s another culprit besides Hunter. Who is the real culprit? What’s his motive?

For this sequel, I should give thumbs up. It’s full action, more than previous one. Also it has so many funny and sad scene. I can’t stop laughing while watching and I almost forgot where am I. But lucky me, I’m not the only who dying after saw those scene.
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What I Think About Makeup

Hi everyone!

If you read my blog from beginning, you probably know I always said “Don’t wear makeup too often”. So I think, I should talk why and what I think about makeup. And actually, I just change my mind after staying in my grandma’s house.

What I Think About Makeup



Honestly, I wear makeup since I was 5. At that time, I join dance group at my kindergarten. So my skin actually has gettin’ used with makeup.

But, as I grow up, I feel weird when I wear makeup. I stop it when I turn 12. It was the time when I start portray myself as masculine girl. And you know, being tomboy is cool in my opinion. Also, it help me avoid those flirty dudes. Yup.

I always avoid anything look girly, especially makeup. I never wear powder or lip gloss since then. Continue reading “What I Think About Makeup”

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Cleaning Out The Closet Part 3: Women’s Essentials

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Organize It!

Today I’m gonna share these amazing items that I order few weeks ago.

I have problem with organizing my undergarment. It’s so messy, more messy than other clothes.

Then I saw my sister ordering unique items from Curious, I browse it and I found organizer for undergarment.

I’m soooo happy! Finally I found the solution!

I made order few days after that, and when it arrived, I quickly open it.


Cleaning Out Closet Part 3 Women's Essentials (1)

This is how they look like. This is bra organizer. It has 5 divider.

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I Love Spaghetti!! <3

If people comes to Pizza Hut for pizza, then I come for spaghetti ❤


I Love Spaghetti (4)




I’m still on holiday until next week, so I have lot of time for hangout…..not really, I just spend my last two weeks at home. Two weeks sick and I have to stay in my grandma’s house for a week. Believe it or not, after a week, I’m fully recovered.

Luckily I scheduled some post before I’m gettin’ sick. I always had bad premonition about my health. And…yeah, it really happens. I got asthma attack and I can’t eat anything except porridge and honey-lemon water. It sucks, you know.

But now, I’m in good health.

Okay, just close the topic now.

Um, I decided to go outside to change my mood. Cause you know, being trapped in house is not fun.

That’s why I had my lunch at Pizza Hut today.

I Love Spaghetti (1)

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{REVIEW} Twilight City: Love as Cure

Welcome to the Skylight City

Twilight City Love as Cure (1)

As many people wish for immortality, you are the first vampire who wish being human. Being vampire means being dangerous creature and you can’t live with your loved ones.

Twilight City Love as Cure (3)

In the Twilight City: Love as Cure, you have to fullfill all quest to find a way how to gain mortality. Meet the vampire to get task, learn magic, decorate room and many others.

Well, at first I thought it’s hidden object game since I found it on hidden object section, but it turns out to be life management game. Thinking it as vampire-version of Sims.

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