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{REVIEW} Dream Day Wedding

Dream Day Wedding (1)

Help Jenny to prepare her special day! Visit bakery, boutique and all stores in her check-list to make the most gorgeous day for her. Also, find out how Jenny and Robert met until engagement.

Dream Day Wedding is first game of Dream Day Series. Not only hidden object scenes that you’ll got, but also:

Perfect Match

Dream Day Wedding (3)

Each Perfect Match has different items for the goal which is useful for honeymoon.

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Eid Mubarak 1435 H

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin

Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H for all Muslims

May Allah bless us in this holly day after 1 month Ramadhan.

Please forgive me if I have mistake to you. I promise I’ll work more harder than before.

And for all people who read my blog, thankyou so much.

Love you! ❤



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Web Morning Routine

Tweeting or upload photo on Instagram in the morning?

If you see all my morning routine, I often open Twitter and Instagram. But I’m not tweeting or uploading, I’m just check what’s new on it. I rarely update my Twitter or Instagram because I always think what’s effect that I will cause before I tweet or post photo. Well, in fact, I just avoid myself being narcisstic. Or you can say I’m phobia with it -__-

Instead of tweeting or uploading photo, I open the web that I think it’s good for me. Here what I browse recently:


Web Morning Routine (1)

Since I’m 14, I love browsing book on Goodreads. I love reading review to find good book. And whenever I open it, I always clicking Fantasy section. 😀

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Amelie’s Night Routine {Ramadhan Edition}

Iftar means evening meal when Muslims end fast at the time of sunset during Ramadhan. We usually eat sweet-flavored food to recover our energy after 12 or more hours fasting.

And here what I have for iftar.

Amelie's Night Routine (1)

Of course, I’m not eating it all alone..hehe

After iftar, I take shower and pray Maghrib. During Ramadhan, all Muslims go to the mosque for tarawih. But I’m not going to mosque since I have to stay at home, waiting my father and sister. Continue reading “Amelie’s Night Routine {Ramadhan Edition}”