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The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan

Hi everyone!

Finally I can finish one book in the first week of holiday \(^^\)(/^^)/

Today I wanna share my review about The Demigod Files.

The Demigod Files

This book contains short story about Percy’s dangerous adventure and it has bonus story from Annabeth’s point of view.
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DIY Ombre Shirt

Hi everyone!

Today I wanna share with you DIY ombre shirt that I just finish yesterday. I’ve been busy with another project but thankfully I can made it.

So, all you need is:

DIY Ombre Shirt (1)

-White t-shirt

-Textile coloring

-Seam ripper



DIY Ombre Shirt (2)



-Pinch of salt

If you don’t have seam ripper, just use scissor

DIY Ombre Shirt (4)


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Cotton or Candy?*-*)v

Anyone loves cotton candy?

Cotton or Candy (1)

I know it’s different from regular cotton candy. This one is in…what do you call it? Cup? Yeah, whatever. But this cup makes cotton candy more convinient because you can take it wherever you go.

My favorite way to eat it like sandwich.

Cotton or Candy (2)

My Dad call it, “ Rambut Nenek “ (Grandma’s Hair)

I don’t know why he call it. Maybe because it look like hair? Who knows.

Oh anyway, tomorrow is first day of Ramadhan. So I wanna say Happy Fasting for moeslem.

And happy summer break for anyone who in holiday.

See you later, guys!


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{REVIEW} Transformer 4: Age Of Extinction

Hi everyone!

Who’s watch Transformer 4 here?

Transformer 4: Age of Extinction takes 3-4 years later after the events of Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon. In this new sequel, there’s no Shia Labeouf as main character. His role replaced with Mark Walhberg.

The story tells about Cade Yeager, single parent and inventor, who lives with Tessa, his only daughter. His life change after he found injured Optimus Prime. Later, he along with Tessa and Shane, Tessa’s boyfriend, fight with Autobots to save Earth. Continue reading “{REVIEW} Transformer 4: Age Of Extinction”

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Sunday With Amelie

Hi everyone!

Sunday With Amelie (1)


As soon as I wake up, I open my phone and play My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE.

Sunday With Amelie (2)

I love Lucky 24 hours, cause I can get more ender and trust than usual. Who’s not love bonus? Kkk~


Sunday With Amelie (3)

Same with Be My Princess for GREE. I still on Keith’s route >,<

Then I spend time with open Instagram and Youtube (new hobby recently^^)

Sunday With Amelie (4)

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{REVIEW} Mortimer Beckett & The Secrets Of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets Of Spooky Manor (1)

Jerome Beckett has calls his nephew, Mortimer, to help him get rid of ghost by retrieving Ghost Machine. Soon, Mortimer will reveal the truth that lies in manor.


Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets Of Spooky Manor (2)

The cut scenes is 2D and like comic page. Somehow, it’s remind me with Diner Dash.


Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets Of Spooky Manor (4)

In this game, you have to find all scattered pieces in every room. Each room has different item to find. You can see what you have to find on bottom. On the right, you will see the puzzle pieces and misplaced items.

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