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Rapture by Lauren Kate

Rapture (1)

In the final book, Luce along with other angels has to stop Lucifer before he can erase history. But they need to find the ancient relics that will lead them to location of the Fall.

Okay, let’s start my subjective a.k.a personal opinion.

This book is….what should I say? Fail? Not really. But, I really really don’t like the way they treat Luce. Everytime she speak her mind, no one hear it. Ugh.

Some scenes aren’t important. Why the editors didn’t cut it? They think kissing in middle of quest is romantic? Come on, they only have 9 days and they have to act quickly! Gosh, I never feel frustated like this when reading. I almost skip few pages (again!), but then I stop because maybe I’ll skip important scenes.
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Childish Or Mature?

“Everyone will be old, but being mature is choice”

I often hear this phrase and for some reason, this is more often uttered by those who are seeking justification for their mistakes.

No offense, guys. I just want to clear it.

childish or mature (1)

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Stationery Haul

Hi everyone!

Stationery Haul (1)


I just went shopping (again) today and it’s all about stationery.

I know it’s too early to supply my stationery for college, but I really need it now.

Okay, no need long prologue. Let’s get start it:

First, let’s see what I got from Gramedia.



Stationery Haul (2)

These Faster pulpens in one set. So far, these guys are best to use. No need to fear they will leak.

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How I Control My Eating Habit

Hi everyone!

Do you ever feel always hungry even you just eat big servings of food?

I am.

Yes, I admit it. I always feel hungry, I eat so much food but it doesn’t satisfied me. I still feel hungry. And I end up buy street food. I spent too much money on food and I can’t save it.

So, I decided to back my old routine which is….

How I Control My Eating Habit (1)

Yup, yup, yup^^ This is how I control my eating habit.

Let’s see what’s inside:

How I Control My Eating Habit (2)

There’s potato, boiled egg, nugget (I know this is unhealthy) and grape.

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Twisted DIY: All About Banana

So just like the title, today I’ll share DIY recipe that I found and twist from Youtube or another website. This is first post from new category of Shining Jewels. It’s TWISTED DIY.

There’s reason why I make this category. Whenever I watch youtube, I always found comments that upset with the products youtubers use, because they can’t afford it. IMO, if we can’t afford or find the same products, we can subtitute with something similar. So that’s give me idea to share alternative ways.

For starter, I will share what I twist from two recipe that I found on Stilababe09 and Blogilates.

Few days ago I found Meredith from stilababe09 uploaded new video called, “ Healthy Snacks For Spring/Summer

: DIY Shaved Ice, Green Juice & more!”.

I was captivated with shaved ice since I love ice cream so much. But I rarely buy watermelon, so I subtitute it with banana. More cheap and healthy :p

I call it, “ Baney Ice Cream”

Baney stands for Banana-Honey 😀

All you need is:

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My First Watsons Haul!

“ Drugstore” term isn’t familiar in here. So I use store’s name for title.

My First Watsons Haul! (1)

I went to Watsons this afternoon, and actually I little bit surprised.

I never shop beauty products at drugstore. All my beauty products I purchase at supermarket. And honestly, when I enter Watsons I was like:


Damn, it’s so many beauty items here. All I need is in here! >,<

My First Watsons Haul! (2)

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