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{REVIEW} Frozen


Frozen tells story of Anna, princess of Arendelle who seeks her sister, Elsa. She helped by Kristoff, amountain man, his loyal pet reindeer, and Olaf the snowman. She has to find her estranged sister, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

For anyone who doesn’t like musical movie, maybe you’ll get boring because they sing the dialogue (many boys said they felt bored after watch this). But when I watch it, I cried, “ Awesome!!!”.

It’s been long time since I watch Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, and now finally I found another musical movie!! >,<

The Cast:


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Short Girl Problem

Being short is not always fun. Especially when you go shopping.


Most of the rack are too high for me. I can’t reach it. I need to call help -_-

And being short is mean you can’t wear flats. It will make you look shorter. But I still wear it. It’s more comfortable than heels.

Some people think I’m high school student because I’m short. No one believe me when I said I’m college student. -_-

K likes to tease me because of this. Everytime he see elementary student, he’ll said, “ Look, it’s your friend! Why you not join them?”


Being short is also mean you can’t wear maxi skirt. Anything that longer than my knees will makes me shorter.

Looking for shoes and clothes is hard thing for me. I wear size 36-37 for shoes and size S for clothes. Most of time those size aren’t available. That’s makes me super sad.

And most annoying things when I wanna talk to someone, I have to chin up so I can do eye contact with him/her. At first it’s really tiring and I look like arrogant people. But now I just move my eyes and chin little bit high, not really high. Just slightly so I still can do eye contact.

Even though I have a lot problems with my short body, I got so much benefit from it.
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Different Places, Different Outfit

Different Places, Different Outfit (title)

In first year of college, my lecturer told me and my classmates, fashion are usually worn depends on opportunity, place and weather. Of course it’s influence by age and body shape too. But, that’s not the point that I want to talk.

Sometime, I found someone who wear something that unapproriated. I don’t know they’re ignore where they are or not. In my opinion, if you want to wear something, you have to aware the place where you’ll go.

And today, I wanna share what I wear depends on places . I hope it’ll helpful for you who doesn’t used to dress-up.

PS: I’m not fashionista, even I’m fashion design student. So sorry if the outfit aren’t too fancy 🙂



For college, I usually match the schedule and outfit. If I have to bring many items, then I’ll wear something that more casual. But sometime I like to wear feminime clothes and bring tote bag.

My college rules doesn’t allow student wear only t-shirt and denim jeans. We must wear outwear like blazer or jacket. I don’t mind it. I like to pair my t-shirt with my favorite blazer. As long as the shirt has collar, we don’t need outwear 😀

Different Places, Different Outfit (1)
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My Corner

My Corner (1)

Here it is my corner where I get ready. I just finish organize these 4 days ago. It’s little bit messy but I think it’s more organized than before.

Let’s see what I keep in here.


My Corner (2)

These glass I got from…well, I should say it’s wedding souvenir. Dad and me attend lot of wedding party last year and we got so much glass as souvenir. I ask my Dad if I can use it. And now I have my own place for my things.


My Corner (3)

Here I keep my comb, night mosturizer and toner. I still using Ponds Whitening Beauty Shake and Clean for toner and Sariayu Martha Tilaar Pelembap Jeruk for night mosturizer.
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Reason Why We Need Hobbies

Having hobbies is most important thing in our life. We need hobbies to give ourself break from regular routine. And I always analysis someone from their hobbies. If they don’t have, well, I can consider they’re lost.


Some people find their way to happiness through their hobbies. How many people that we see, looks more happy when they do their hobbies? And also, many people find their goal of life from hobbies.

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Vintage Lady

Vintage Lady



Sorry for bad lighting. The pics was taken before I’m went to campus, so I’m little bit hurry (you always in hurry when Thursday comes, Amelie-___-).

The dress are my sister’s, but she gave me few months ago since the size aren’t fit for her. And the bag…hehe, it was my mom’s, but few months before she left us forever, she gave me one of her bag. She said ” You can use it whenever you want, now,” but the real reason she gave me the bag because I don’t have sling bang that time. :’)

Mine is only the pair of Nevada brown flats and unbranded legging.

Fashion isn’t always expensive and high-branded stuff. It’s all about expressing your truly are.

Have good day^^




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Find What You Love

When I was 12, few month before graduation, I was asked to write my biodata. At hobby section, I was confused. I like drawing comic and dancing since I’m 4 but I still not sure that I really loves them. Then, I end up wrote dancing, reading, drawing and karate as my hobby.

As I grow up, I didn’t know what I like. I don’t know any music or fashion at that time. But for music, I always enjoy listen R’n B and Rock music. I love listen Ciara, Offspring, Linkin Park, Mariah Carey, and Justin Timberlake. And some random song that I don’t know what’s title or who’s sing.

When I found Harry Potter for first time, that’s first time I know what I love.

Funny things is when I make Facebook account, I don’t know what should I write about music or films. I guess that’s time when I search my identity. Every teenager must be ever feel like this, right? When we confuse what music, films or anything else that we really like and we end up follow all trends.

I figure out what my music, fashion, films and book taste when I turn 16. Continue reading “Find What You Love”