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Underworld by Meg Cabot



I though Meg would made some improvement in her sequel, but no, nothing improve except Pierce stop being damsel in distress.

But seriously. I skip read some pages more often than usual.

1. Pierce

Thank goodness she stop whining about herself. It’s good but she shouldn’t let her abused by John. Sorry, I’m not bad boy lover. Continue reading “Underworld by Meg Cabot”

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{REVIEW} Smooths Me

I’ve been struggling with hair problems since 2 years ago. I never find conditioner that really help me reduce my hair falls. But, look what I use almost 1 year.

Pantene Night Miracle Essence

Actually, I have big doubt with Pantene. I shouldn’t doubt them, because their conditioner is really good!!

This conditioner is really great. Usually, you use it when your hair still wet, but Pantene Night Miracle Essence can be used even our hair dry. Continue reading “{REVIEW} Smooths Me”

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Something That We Should Be Grateful

As smallest person in the family, I always have hard time to find clothes that really fits my size. But I’m so lucky having big sister. Whenever she feels her clothes aren’t fit on her, she will give it to me. Hihihihi *evil laugh*

This is one thing that I feel so grateful. I don’t need to spend so much money for shopping clothes. I’ll just wear my sister’s or mom’s then mix it with my own. Hehe 😀

Ah, and also since I’m petite, most of my old clothes are still fit until today. Hohohoho XDDDD
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Just Want You To Know…

Looks like I’ll posting more often since I got day off on Monday and Thursday. Writing really best therapy for me.

Good news is Daddy arrived!

He bring us two box of brownies and choco banana! :3

Just Want You To Know (1)

Just Want You To Know (2)



Good night, everyone!




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Taking A Break

I’m not usually talk about my personal life.

Because no one will hear it.

Even they hear it, they only call me “Drama Queen”

But, I guess it’s time to call help.

Hypersomnia got me (again) after long time. It happens only when I’m stress. I think, I got stress too easily since I’m going to college.

I’ll not talk too much about what happens. I just write to help me reduce my stress.

When I enters college, I thought I’ll free from bullying. Yes, I have to admit now. I ever got bullied for almost 5-6 years. Why?

The reasons that most logical for me is because I’m weird. Many people said I have no expression. But I found something that makes me hurt.

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Sharing, Not Selling

This is what I feel after blogging for almost 3 years.
Many people thought I selling Kpop items, since I posted my Kpop collection. I know there’s lot people use their social media or personal blog to sells their items.
But I’m not.
I just wanna share my little happiness to others. But, I’m not selling them. Because it’s really hard to get it. I don’t wanna sell it just because I need money. I see lot of Kpop fans sells their collection just for concert ticket. Even I want to, I wouldn’t do it. They’re precious for me. It takes so much effort to get those items. Continue reading “Sharing, Not Selling”