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Oyakodon {Chicken Bowl}

Looks like I’m cooking a lot this month. Hahaha 😀

I just wanna improve my cooking skill, well, if I get married I will be able serve good food for my husband 😀

So last week, I’m trying another recipe and this time is Japanese food.

Oyakodon (Chicken Bowl) (6)

It’s Oyakodon! (/^^)/

I found it’s easy to make, since I’m lack of ingredients (forgot to do grocery shopping _-_ )

Okay, so let’s start cooking! ^^ Continue reading “Oyakodon {Chicken Bowl}”

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Spaghetti&Milkshake For Dinner

Hi, guys!
Yesterday is my first time cooked dinner for my family. If you see my Instagram picture, you must be know what I cooked yesterday.
Spaghetti is family’s favorite meal. Dad is first person who introduce spaghetti to us. Once per month, Dad make spaghetti for dinner. Now it’s my turn.
And I also make choco oreo milkshake for my drink (my sister rejects the offer because she thinks it’s too sugary)
Let’s start cooking!
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Ice Lolly

I’m not eating much food nowadays. I lost appetite two weeks after college starts. I’m third year and it’s so many choice that I have to choose for this semester.

I love writing, but I’m studying fashion design. After two years, I feel like I’m not fit with this. In other words, I’m not happy with my lecture.
Okay, enough with the prologue.
So when I’m taking break and thinking what should I do, I open the fridge and find: Continue reading “Ice Lolly”