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Exam Week

Hi everyone.

It’s exam week at my campus and I’ll not posting anything until 31 December 2013

And I want to say thankyou for you, guys. I know this blog is unlike other blog, and not have any inspiring quote or something like that.

But I really appreciate for anyone who reads and leave comment in here. It’s really mean a lot for me.

Thankyou so much and love you, guys.

I’ll update again next year.

See you soon.



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Beautiful Creature by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

2013-12-21 09.12.54

I know it’s very late to read it since the movie version has out. But still, I need to know why most people say the movie version are too different from book version.

I don’t have much time to read this month, since I’m in deadline week at college.

I just finish 140 pages but it’s makes me understand why they say like that. Continue reading “Beautiful Creature by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl”

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Favorite Drink

Two weeks ago, I got sick. Asthma and fever become one (x.x)

Everything tastes bitter on my tongue. I can’t eat or drink properly.  I just eat fruit and drink tea for two weeks (my friend said I’m gettin’ skinnier than before T.T)

Finally!! After two weeks, I can eat normally. Even I can drink my favorite drink.

Sop Buah

This is my favorite one. In my country, it called Sop Buah. I guess you call it Fruit Soup on English. Continue reading “Favorite Drink”

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{REVIEW} Theatre Absurd Collector Edition

Before I start today’s review, I wanna apologize to you, guys.

The review should be out on Sunday, December 1 (after JLPT), but I got sick so I can’t update the blog. I even can’t eat anything since my tongue feel bitter. I only can drink tea and eat fruit. But thankfully, I can eat normally now 🙂

So I’ve been searching new game, but I have hard time to find good game. Then finally, I found this.


2013-10-06 17.11.24

Theatre Absurd Collector Edition

I never play hidden object game with horror theme, so I decided to try it once. Continue reading “{REVIEW} Theatre Absurd Collector Edition”