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The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan: Book For Mythology Fans

Demigod Diaries



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I should make confession now.

I’m. Not. Mythology. Fans.

Then why I put the title “Mythology Fans”?

When I looking for my friend’s birthday gift, I saw this book. Since he likes mythology story and he also fan of Percy Jackson, so I decided to bought Demigod Diaries.

A week before his birthday, I’m getting curious. I always think, “ Is it good?”

Then I bought one more book, for myself.

And I just finish 66 pages (lecture are going to kill me slowly)

Okay, my first impression is this book is really great! I never read mythology book before. Rick Riordan is really genius.

If you loves Percy Jackson, you need this book. You’ll understand Luke’s personality (I heard that he’s antagonis on Percy Jackson story) and also you’ll got some quizz that will test your god’s knowledge. I love the quizz, but I have hard time to finish it. But it’s really fun to read, especially if you waiting for new book of Percy Jackson

So I guess today is enough. I need to study for JLPT tomorrow. Wish me luck , guys >,<

See you tomorrow




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