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The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan: Book For Mythology Fans

Demigod Diaries



2013-08-22 17.22.56



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{REVIEW} Soap Opera Dash

Another Dash game I found on internet.

It’s time to produce our show!!

Yeah, it’s Soap Opera Dash! (^^)v

2013-07-17 20.23.13

Rosie always dream to have her own show. But her script are rejected. At the same time, Simon just got fired from his management. They finally meet and with Flo and Quinn’s help, Rosie finally able direct her own show!

It’s time to help Rosie!

2013-07-17 19.49.20



2013-07-17 19.47.44

Always start with minimize place 🙂

This game is little bit hard, in my opinion. Player have to focus on script, property, hair station, clothing, make up and cameramen. Sometimes, they’ll ask some burger. That’s why we need Cookie here!! (^^)/

And watch the reviewer and fans. The reviewer will ask burger to keep them happy. Fans will give bonus if they got signature from the artist that they want.

Your multitasking ability is really being tested here. Focus is key. But to get expert, it’s hard. I’m still thinking the strategy.

2013-07-17 19.49.09

Always look what judge wants. Keep them mind, do it and you’ll got this 🙂

Do you love Dash game too?

Which one do you like?

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{REVIEW} Snack Time On Weekend

So today I’ll share my favorite snack. I just..well, I can’t live without them. They’re so yummy!

Okay, Let’s get started.


Who’s loves yoghurt here?

What flavor do you like?

Like I said on random facts  , I’m become obsessed with blueberry. And the culprit is blueberry yoghurt 😀


2013-07-29 10.46.36

This one from Cimory. I guess they change the packaging, since I believe I didn’t find this before.

2013-07-11 18.02.07

I try another flavor too 🙂

Sometimes I bought yoghurt cup. And of course, my first choice is blueberry ^^

2013-08-16 14.35.57

This one is from Bio Kul


This is Activia, and of course it’s mixed berry flavor

You can bring yoghurt cup in your lunchbox (^^)

Sometimes I’ll just drink this.

2013-08-26 16.58.09

Probiotic yoghurt from Yakult (^^)/

Sometimes I’d like to have something cheesy. And now I’m so addict with this:

Cheese Pillow

I call this ” Cheese Pillow” (^.^)

So, what is your favorite weekend snack?

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What’s in My Backpack? {College Edition}

Hi, everyone!

Today I’m gonna share how I organize my backpack for college.

Since I’m Fashion Design student, I need bring a lot of items such as sewing tools, ruler, fabric shears, paper etc. These items are too heavy. That’s why I bring backpack.

But actually, I bring these backpack only at Friday. Next time, I’ll share how I organize my tote bag ^^


Here my backpack (^^)

2013-11-05 09.12.06
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