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Miss Sweetie

Well, actually I’m not celebrating Halloween. But I love sweets! And I think it’s very nice if I post my favorite sweets today for celebrate Halloween.

Everybody loves sweets, right?

Ehem, but I know some people doesn’t like it. Well, why you not give it try?

Koala Cotton Candy

This cotton candy is my timeless favorite. It’s Koala Cotton Candy with Melon flavor.

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Who’s here are Tribute?




In the previous book, Katniss and Peeta has become winner of 74th Hunger Games and now they’re live at Victor’s Village. But the biggest problem has just begin. It because Katniss’s action in the previous game. President Snow threatens her that he will kill her family, Gale and Peeta if she’s not take any action to prevent the chaos. Continue reading “Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins”