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{REVIEW} Agatha Christie: Peril at End House

2013-07-02 01.26.42

This is the third hidden object game that I play after Death on the Nile and Dream Day Honeymoon.

At first I thought the game is same concept with Death on the Nile, but then I found this game is really different.

What is the difference?

1. Mini-Game

At this part you have solve puzzle from the previous part. Sometimes you will given a task to collect pieces of newspaper. Or you need solve what is Miss Lemon say in her letter.


2013-07-02 01.51.46

2. Clue Card

Sometimes you will get clue card. Usually, the clue card contains witness’s words. And I found some witness are hate each other. (oh, human nature…=__=)

2013-07-02 01.35.06

And here another snapshots:

2013-07-02 01.27.01

2013-07-02 01.27.59

2013-07-02 01.27.37

If you love detective games, I highly recommend this. Mystery by mystery comes while you think who’s the real culprit. Some mini-game are hard to play (for me) but it’s really fun. I give this game………5 stars!!! \(^^)/

What’s your favorite hidden object games?

Share with me! (^^)

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