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Movie Marathon

Sunday is time for relax.

Time to forget all routine like school or work.

And it’s best time for movie marathon! \(^^\)(/^^)/



I’m big fan of Detective Conan since I’m 7 years old and never get bored with it. (^^)

Aoyama Gosho is genius! I learn very much from Conan, especially when it comes to Science.

My favorite movie?

–          Captured in Her Eyes

–          Jolly Roger in Deep Azure

–          Full Score of Fear

–          Quarter of Silence

And my favorite character, of course, Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai. (^^)

Do you notice something? Ai’s expression is more soft than usual and she can laugh like kid. Also I like her relationship with Conan. She always using sarcasm when she talks to Conan. XD

When you do movie marathon, never forget your snack. My favorite snack for movie is potato chips and yoghurt. I can’t stop eating when I watching. (‘/////’)

What do you do at Sunday?

Share with me! (^^)

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