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Back to College

Hi everyone!

Amelie is here, counting down for back to campus (^^)v

Yup, my lecture will start at 26 August. It means, I’ll have new post schedule for Shining Jewels.

I’ve been checked my lecture schedule and…’ll be more tough than last semester o.o

Then I decided to update on Saturday-Sunday since my lecture schedule start on Monday until Friday.

And wish me luck, guys. I hope the lecturer not trying to kill me with lot of homework, so I can have much time to update ^^

I’ll update again at 7 September because tomorrow I’ll busy at college (I need confirmation about class with my lecturer ^__^v)

Okay, see you on next post, guys! (^^)/


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SkinCare Routine: Morning Daily


Today post is all about my skincare routine for morning. First, I’ll explain my skin type. I have combination skin. My cheeks is sooo dry while my forehead, chin and around nose is very oily. I only use few products but it’s effective reduce oil on my skin and mosturizing.

Let’s start with facial wash.

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Me At Yogyakarta

Today I just wanna share with you what I do or find in holiday. Simple holiday but really fun.

I spend my first week only at home, because I have to finish my secret project (and now, it’s finish! ^^).

So many things happens there and it’s really nice to sit with uncle, auntie, cousin and grandpa while watching TV. Last year we can’t go since we have financial problems here. But finally, this year we can go to Yogyakarta again!

Sad things is Mom can’t join with us this year 😦


Oh, and here some pics that I taken when I’m at Yogyakarta.

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