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I’m On Holiday

Hi everyone!

I’m going to Yogya with my family today ^^

For next post, I’ll update again on Saturday. This month will be start by Most Read.

And I have new email address, so for anyone who wants ask me, you can contact me at:

Hope you guys have great summer holiday and see you on next post! (^^)/

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Changes and Information

Did you notice that something changes on Shining Jewels?


Well, I’ll explain few things that I changes for better Shining Jewels.

1. Pages

If you see the top bar of this blog, there’s no pages. Yes, I delete them. I have something trouble on my mind whenever I read comments. Most of comments are commenting my jacket collection.

At first, it’s very fun to sharing my personal collection with readers. But I see a lot of readers keep asking me, “ How much this?” or “Did you sell it?”

Oh, dear, I didn’t sell anything here.

I’m just sharing my PERSONAL collection.

Let me tell you, I’m bad seller. So…yeah, I’m not going to sell it.

2. Category

When I make first post on Shining Jewels, I was plan to make this blog only for fashion.

But then after 2years, I think I can’t do that since my fashion sense isn’t really good (my lecture ever said my design is too simple).

Honestly, my style is not as quirky as others blogger. Or elegant. Or…yeah, whatever.

So I changes and add new category, like Food of the Month, Games of the Month, Haul, Outfit of the Day, etc.

So now, Shining Jewels will review my favourite books, film or TV show, food, games, and sometimes sharing my favourites outfit.

And there’s also haul too. But I’m not shopaholic, so it’s gonna be two monthly post.

Oh and Girls Day Out still on Shining Jewels too. It’s all about my shopping or refreshing trip (^^)

I hope you enjoy the new Shining Jewels (^^)

See you on the next post!



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My Guilty Pleasure (Something That I Should Stop Read But I Can’t)

Everybody have guilty pleasure. Include me.
Today I wanna share the book that I…..yeah, I shouldn’t read this. I check on Goodreads, this book has bad rating. But I don’t know why I still read it :/

Can you guess what it is?
The clue is……….Vampire&Werewolf Continue reading “My Guilty Pleasure (Something That I Should Stop Read But I Can’t)”