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Give Ma Hair Some Love

Weekend is best time for relaxing or hair treatment.
And yesterday, I’m doing hair mask.

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Girls Day Out: JakArt 2


Welcome back to Girls Day Out! \(^^)/

It has been long time, right?
I don’t have much time to do it since I’m too busy with campus life (–“)/

Yesterday, I’m went to Museum Bank Mandiri for support UKM’s show.
The name is “JakArt 2”
JakArt 2 is annual dance competition in UKM.
The competition include Tari Betawi (Betawi Dance) for kids and Modern Dance for high school. Continue reading “Girls Day Out: JakArt 2”

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Monthly Hauls: Beauty and Food

Hi everyone! (^_^)

2days ago, I’m doin’ monthly shopping with my Dad.
I never give my review about what I bought, but now I’ll try to give my honest opinion about beauty products that I bought (^__^)

Well, I’m not person who always bought beauty products such as facial mask or hair conditioner. You can say I’m careless about myself XD
But, now I’m 20 and I think I should more care about my skin.

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Hectic Week

Hello, fellas (^^)/

Today I wanna share my OOTD for this week.
Sorry if the clothes are not too good. This is OOTD during the final week at my campus (>w
Okay, let’s start from Monday! (^___^)




Black vest from Btc Shop, Nevada, unbranded white shirt, unbranded grey shoes, GG crafty necklace (I forgot where I bought this)



Unbranded blue blazer, chiffon blouse, Nevada brown flats, silver heart-shaped necklace, black jeans and Aigner red bag




Unbranded plaid shirt, white tshirt from my sister, Nevada black jeans, Super Junior crafty necklace

Repost from here


Peplum blouse made by myself, Details heels, blue hat, and unbranded jeans

PS: There’s no OOTD for Friday and Saturday since I’m too busy for final exam (>w<)

Have nice Sunday and see you on the next post! (^^)/

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Lady For A Day

Yesterday is fashion show exam for Fashion Design student at my campus. I call it as “mini fashion show”
Each student has make one blouse and one dress.
And here’s my pics when I wear my own blouse (^w^)





Yesterday is really fun! At first we’re sooo panic and nervous because the final exam has kill us before the show (•_•)
But, after the show, everybody claps and shout happily (I feel like in Victoria Secret > <)

Hope you guys enjoy today’s post. If you don’t mind, please comment (^_^)

Have nice Thursday, fellas (^^)/