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Collaboration of Randomness

Finally!! Finish!


Name: Randomness no. 1
Inspiration: West Asian


Name: Randomness no. 2
Inspiration: West Asian


Name: The Princess
Inspiration: Nusa Tenggara

Okay, here’s sneak peek for my new design >_


Stay tune on Shining Jewels! (^____^)

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{REVIEW} New Trends on YA World

I’m proud to call myself as bookworm.
I love books especially YA.
Last year, I check goodreads and found… um… let’s say “vampire-syndroms”
Sorry, but honestly I tired with all vampire thingy. I dunno, maybe because it’s too much. I mean, as woman, you need something more important to achieve instead of chase your love. Well nothing wrong with that, but I just don’t like person who doesn’t have real passion and dream to achieve (=_=) (like Bella Swan)

Okey, let’s move, guys.
In this post, I’m gonna share my monthly favourite book.
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