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Inspired by Traditional Culture

Yay, finally finish another task \(^^)/


Inspiration: Bali
Name: Plaid Pleats


Inspiration: Maluku
Name: Sweets Maroons

Next week: Draping based on Sulawesi and Papua culture \(^^)/

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Fashion Portofolio: Draping Class 1

Yup, as student of Fashion Design, I have a lot of sewing task (makes my brain explode and I stop blogging *sigh*)

This year, I got class named Draping. We made pattern clothes with manequin not pattern paper like first year.

I gonna show you some of my creation. Inspired by Indonesian Culture.
And this is only half of them. I just finish…..4? Hahaha…I’m the most idiot, then.
If you don’t mind, please comment. Thankyou (^^)

1. Blue-White Mini Dress
Inspiration: blue sky

2. Polka Black Dress
Inspiration: black mini dress

3. When Yellow Meets Black
Theme: Java Culture
(I don’t know why I made this. My mind are sooo random on that day X.x)

4. Exotic Green
Theme: Sulawesi
Inspiration: Nature

5. Yin Yang
Theme: Java
Inspiration: Yin Yang from Chinese Fengshui

That’s all, guys! Well, can you give me idea what should I make now?

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