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WayV Officially Debut! (Why Regular, Not New Song?)

wayv resmi debut! (1)


Have you watched this?

Maybe among NCTzen, many are confused why WayV debut with Regular songs. Remember Lee SooMan’s presentation in 2016? At that time, Lee SooMan said, there would be songs released in various languages. And Regular is one of them. In my opinion, the reason why the WayV debut with Regular is because this song is to reconnect WayV to NCT. Few days ago, many fans who were confused why they choose WayV as group name and the Chinese version of Regular are released as answer.

In the video, I found one interesting comment:

wayv resmi debut! (2)

For point number 3, I admit that many fans are debating this. Is it because most of them are new into SM Entertainment’s group, I don’t know, but in every SM groups, each member has their own parts. And for WinWin, I’m sure he’s focused on dance line. Like Shindong, Yoona (especially in Bad Girl), Yunho, Taemin and Sehun.

So, let’s focus on their debut, rather than fuss over these things. Let’s support WayV and NCT to be more successful in the future!^^)

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#31DaysBlogging Back To Reality

After yesterday playing in the Cigombong, today I have to faced with the fact that today is Monday and I have lots of work to do. Ahahaha: ‘)

And to start this week, I listened to one of my favorite songs, Hope Of Morning:


Some say, this song is like an anthem for person with mental illness . No wonder I feel “touched” every time I hear it.

Oh, and how about you? How’s your Monday? ^^)

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#31DaysBlogging 2 Days 1 Night Trip

After struggling with work for almost a week, I finally able to relax today. Along with some residents from same house complex, we’re going to Cigombong. Not so bad for 2 days 1 night trip^_^)

Sorry I didn’t take too much picture here. πŸ˜… Everyone is too busy enjoying this short holiday, and got no time for updating on social media. When I’m typing this, everyone is busy singing togetherπŸ˜…

This is one of the games that I tried here. Because I’m amateur, I keep losing it πŸ˜‘ It seems so easy when you see others playing itπŸ˜”
After played table soccer, me and other two girls decided to swimming at pool. This is the fun part because I haven’t swim since middle school. I almost drowned at that time and since then, I’m scared to swim. But today, I’m totally enjoying it. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Bytheway, the water is cold! 😲
And today ends with swapping the gifts😊