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New Walkthrough! Searching The Lost City in Witches’ Legacy: The City That Isn’t There

Jack’s mother has mysteriously gone missing while doing research for her new book, but how Jack find a city that technically doesn’t exist?



Game           : Witches’ Legacy: The City That Isn’t There

Developer   : EleFun Games

Playlist         : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUVRFi-n87MRaMN1x7nKBNDso8cgZvIo2

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New Walkthrough! Mother-Daughter Reunion in Heart’s Medicine: Hospital Heat

Brand new game from hottest medical drama in Time Management! Just when Allison start getting her life together, her mother suddenly show up! It’s been 20 years since she left Allison, what’s she doing in Little Creek Hospital?

Also, Daniel is back!

Can Allison handle all of these problems and back to her normal life?

Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat

Game           : Heart’s Medicine: Hospital Heat

Developer   : Blue Giraffe Games and GameHouse

Playlist         : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKa9d7bRIWg&list=PLUVRFi-n87MQRNR5xVNWFcD6CgcclUgeO

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Diary Of Brunette, Indonesian Version of Shining Jewels

Lately, I’ve been working on my other blog. It has similar concept with Shining Jewels, but with different language. In Diary of Brunette, I’ll be more focus on fashion, beauty and health topic. Unlike Shining Jewels, I’ll not talk about games in there. I already create another place for that, at Wattpad.

So, if you’re Indonesian and you’re have interest with fashion and beauty, go check out:


Don’t forget to comment and share what you love!



Miss Amelie

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{GAMES} Finding The House Heir in The Keeper of Antiques: The Last Will

The city of Netville is turning 200, but the celebration is interrupted when an entire building and the people around it disappear in a flash! A dangerous artifact is at work, and it’s up to you to neutralize it. Do you have what it takes to save the city, or will you become the artifact’s next victim?

The Keeper of Antiques - Last Will (2)

First of all, let’s talk about the storyline. The missing townsfolk isn’t something new in HOPA universe. Most of developer recycling this premise with different story development. For this game, the only thing I feel new during the story progress is the backstory. I have to admit, I kinda enjoy the interaction between our keeper and her new companion. I hope he will appear in the next game. Also, I feel like the true ending of game is not in the main chapter, but the bonus one. The backstory in bonus chapter explains more details of the possibility of true heir.

Puzzle and HOS are well-crafted, easy to understand for non-English speaker like me, but I honestly feel some puzzle are too basic. But it doesn’t mean I can’t fully enjoy it, because sometime I need the basic one so I don’t feel stressed. Maybe for advance player, this can be a problem.

For the visuals, they use the same color palette, like they do in The Imaginary World. They use darker shade of blue and purple to create gloomy atmosphere. Sometime, this kind of palette confuse me with Witches’ Legacy.

As much as I enjoy playing it, I hope they stop making us doing back and forth travelling just to get one item. Sometimes it’s fine, but most of time, it started feel they just dragging us to extend the game’s duration.


Release Date     : September 1, 2017
Developer          : Elefun Games
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Set The Priority

Just a quick note.

I was in middle of recording video walkthrough. I need to finish several games if I want to start writing on my novel.

I know this is crazy, taking 2 weeks just for play games. People will think I’m hopeless, jobless, whatever, but this is my life. I choose to be reviewer, writer, and gamer. I know what am I doing.

I’ll be back blogging in Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So, have a nice day and see you soon, guys ❤

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New Walkthrough! Travelling to Underworld in Love Chronicles: Death’s Embrace

Everything was going right for you as the apprentice of the famous mage Lucio, that is, until your beloved Ophelia was struck down by a magical disease! Now her soul has been stolen by Phobos, Lord of the Underworld. Though you were raised as a mage of light, you must now summon dark powers to travel to the Underworld and get her back! To do that, you’ll have to seek the mysterious Blind Witch, who cannot be found on any ordinary map. Can you reunite with your beloved and rescue her soul or will you join her in the Underworld?



Game           : Love Chronicles: Death’s Embrace

Developer   : Vendel Games

Playlist         : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILxLY5MPwG0&t=2s&index=1&list=PLUVRFi-n87MQ9ujQlye7ENvDO1EmM2wtR

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Fight Your Love (Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion)

Because Aunt Sophie decide to traveling, Mary has to move to another restaurant, owned by Aunt Sophie’s friend, Chef Luigi.

How To Be Italian By Chef Luigi (Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion)(1)


Chef Luigi wants to add something new on the menu, but he doubt his customer will like it. Then Mary encourage him to throw a party as market test. While they busy planning the new menu, an old rival show up.

How To Be Italian By Chef Luigi (Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion)(3)


She still being bitchy towards Mary. But later, some incident change her. Who knows Jennifer have some issue in her love life?

For the gameplay, I suddenly feel like the difficulty level are back to first chapter. Talk about prepare ingredients, tho.

However, the more I play this game, the more I feel like I watching TV drama. Fortunately, Mary doesn’t have problem with her love life (*cough* Angela *cough*). The storyline is stick with the theme ‘Passion’.

Anyway, since rivalry issue between Marry and Jennifer is resolved, let’s move to the another chapter, shall we?

How To Be Italian By Chef Luigi (Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion)(2)

How To Be Italian By Chef Luigi (Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion)(4)


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Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911)

The more we know about Jasper, the more I feel he’s toxic person in Amy’s life. I thought her boss is the only jerk in this game, but Jasper, include his family, is the worst. At this rate, I prefer Amy going out with Jack. They look great together 🙂

Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911)(2)

Not only meeting the in-laws, Amy also reveal Sherman’s crime!

In this chapter, we have three mini-game which, in my opinion, has easy to medium level of difficulty (compared with the previous chapter)

Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911)(1)

Just rub the dirt, and done. Easy, right?


Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911)(3)

Fasten the harness so the horse are ready! This one is also easy.


Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911)(4)

Trim those naughty hair! Make the horse looks beautiful (^3^)

For me, this is probably the least favorite chapter in Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911, but I’m glad with the ending of chapter. Amy finally speak up, and learn how to say ‘NO’, although her closing is kinda dramatic.

Next chapter is final, and looks like Amy will go back to Snuggford, yeay!

Meet The In-Laws (Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911)(5)